Paper Airplane Designs

January 1, 2009 -- From WJP, a reader, from St Albans, England, who is affiliated with the site.

Clear instructions for 21 paper airplanes to fold and fly from an excellent paper airplanes site. Learn How to make Paper airplanes.

Best paper airplane ever

November 5, 2006 -- From Eric, a teacher, from Miami, Florida, who is not affiliated with the site.

It really works, It’s the best

The Online Paper Airplane Museum

May 8, 2006 -- From Dean, a reader, from Tampa, Florida, who is affiliated with the site.

I would like to suggest a site to add to your paper airplane links. I have linked together 600+ sites that
have free paper airplane designs on them. Have a blast and check them out! :)

Paper Airplanes & Paper Airplane Designs

March 3, 2004 -- From Greg, a reader from Florida, US, who is not affiliated with the site

It is a pretty neat software program that has printable plans for paper airplanes.