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Paper Airplanes

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jline paper airplanes

December 6, 2000 -- From Judson Lee,a reader fromU.S.Awho is affiliated with the site

Jline Paper Airplanes has great easy to follow illustrationsand text to create great flying planes. The site is colorfuland easy to follow. New planes added at least once a month.

Alex’s Paper Airplanes

March 30, 2000 -- From Paul,17 years old fromKent, Englandwho is not affiliated with the site

This site is great for families and children. It is free and easy to navigate with good diagrams and instructions.

Making Paper Airplanes

July 24, 1999 -- From a teacher from Portland, Oregon, who is not affiliated with the site

For all of you “wanna build a good paper airplane, but don’t know how” people, this site is for you! The diagrams and instructions for building 4 simple paper airplanes are excellent! They are EASY, and best of all, THEY WORK! Check it out!