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Reading by Phonics

March 11, 2013 -- Submitted by Jim Yang, a parent from Vancouver, BC, Canada, who is affiliated with the site.

Reading by Phonics is a wonderful free resource dedicated to the topic of teaching children to read and become better readers. Our site is categorized into 4 key sections:

1) About phonics – this section contains detailed and informative articles discuss phonics and phonemic awareness.

2) Early reading – this section contain articles detailing tips, ideas, and methods for teaching young children to read. It also include many amazing videos showing young children reading.

3) Phonics worksheets – this contains many many free printable phonics worksheets. These are provided free and available for downloading in PDF format.

4) Letter sounds – this section contains detailed methods along with videos explaining how to teach letters and letter sounds.

Printable Worksheets from KidzPark

March 30, 2010 -- From kidzpark, a reader, from India, who is affiliated with the site.

Kidzpark provides educational resource materials in the form of downloadable and printable format. All the worksheets are in pdf and can be downloaded and printed.

There are various categories of worksheets which makes it easy for navigation. Worksheets are found for maths, science, handwriting, number sequence, matching, phonics etc.

ABC Fast Phonics

August 23, 2009 -- From Carol, a reader, from Los Angeles, who is affiliated with the site.

ABC Fast Phonics is a free tutorial that uses cartoons and sounds with audio narration and clickable words to teach phonics. This method teaches just basic phonics concepts without struggle or frustration and includes rules for vowels, consonants, and blends along with practice pages.

Free Phonics Worksheets

August 9, 2006 -- From Christie, a reader, from Texas, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

It is a wonderful resource for educators, parents or anyone interested in Phonics. We include an instructional guide on the site and also provide lesson extensions. These worksheets are downloadable, and all of the information is free.

May 10, 2006 -- From Mani, a parent, from Dallas, who is affiliated with the site.

Free math and phonics worksheets and games for preschool to 5th grade.