The Pilgrims of Plymouth

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Plimoth Plantation: You are the Historian

November 5, 2003 -- From Lisa Neal, a reader from Boston, MA, who is affiliated with the site

Plimoth Plantation just launched a new online learning center focused on the First Thanksgiving. The site is titled ‘You are the Historian: Investigation the First Thanksgiving.

The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony: 1620

April 9, 2001 -- From Molly, 13 years old from USA who is not affiliated with the site

This is a very good site with links to different activities and pictures. The site is always being updated, so it is fresh and new. It has information on everything about the pilgrims.

The Wampanoag: People of the First Light

November 22, 1999 -- From Niki lamberg, The Children's Museum of Boston, who is affiliated with the site

Take a look at the Indians Who Met The Pilgrims from the native American point of view. This site is created by The Children’s Museum of Boston in cooperation with tribal advisors. Designed primarily for teachers but also of interest to parents, it features accurate, authentic resources that help put in perspective many of the portrayals of Native Americans that many of us learned as children ourselves.

Pilgrim Hall Museum

July 16, 1999 -- From a teacher fromPlymouth, Massachusettswho is affiliated with the site

Pilgrim Hall’s site uses its extensive collection of paintings and Pilgrim artifacts to tell the story of the Pilgrims in short, colorful segments. The site also has an entire section about Thanksgiving: its Pilgrim roots, history and customs — all you ever need to know & more!