Poetry for Kids

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Reading Juice

July 19, 2011 -- Submitted by Mark Megson, a reader from Devon, UK, who is affiliated with the site.

Reading Juice is a collection of funny poetry and short stories for children featuring illustrations by the author. Some are short, some are long, some are pretty whacky, but most of all they’re fun.

Wits, Whims, and Wicked Kids

June 7, 2011 -- Submitted by a reader from Canada, who is affiliated with the site.

I wrote it it, so my review is quite unreliable. Nevertheless, I hope you think my poems have some merit.

Poetry For Teachers

February 15, 2011 -- Submitted by K Hunt, a teacher from Vancouver, Canada, who is affiliated with the site.

Poetry For Teachers offers several original, fresh, offbeat poems with content touching on race, class, gender, and philosophical issues. These are challenging poems emphasizing the art of learning to read poetry, and mostly suit secondary and college students.

The site offers a specific tack, featuring poems written largely to demonstrate poetic devices and application of poetic concepts. Some poems are designed to be decoded in that they point readers to specific meaning objectives. Mariners and Billy’s Drums exemplify the former and latter approaches.

History for Kids

January 31, 2011 -- Submitted by Paul Perro, a reader from UK, who is affiliated with the site.

History for kids is full of short funny rhyming poems for young children, based on stories from days gone by – the California gold rush, the Boston tea party, King Canute, ancient Rome, and Elmer the flying monk, among others. It is the most fun educational site for kids on the web!

The Gypsy Poet

December 10, 2010 -- Submitted by Ray Wills, a reader from England, who is affiliated with the site.

A site dedicated to child’s play,gypsy life and Dorset. With specific pages for children and poetry throughout.

Barking Spiders Poetry for Children

March 7, 2010 -- From CJ Heck, a reader, from USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Back in 1995, Barbara reviewed this website for children. It was a very favorable review and much has changed since then. The author, CJ Heck, has completely redesigned her old website. It is now 3D Flash Design and CJ reads some of her poetry for children and even sings one of her poetry songs. There are silly poems for children to finish, preschool through high school poems which are read by the author, lots of tongue twisters, quotations, essays, and school visit/contact information to invite CJ to your school, even an online store. She now has three books available and will soon have the books on CD as well. Please check it out. You won’t be disappointed!


October 17, 2009 -- From Yolee, a teacher from Virginia, who is affiliated with the site.

Bugnmymug is a great poetry website for children, parents and educators. It is a poetry playhouse where children can read rhyming and silly poetry. There is audio included on the site with various character voices for children to read along to or simply listen to and be greatly amused.

Bugnmymug was created by a parent and and an educator to encourage children to read and inspire them to write. The vision of the website is for parents and educators to use the material at no cost to educate children in a creative way.

Poetry is a another avenue for kids to begin the thinking and writing process. Included on the website are two resources for parents and educators to generate ideas for reading and writing their own poetry.

Be Encouraged, Be inspired and Write On!