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Pokemon Learning League

May 23, 2007 -- From Cynthia Clow, a parent, from Minnesota, who is not affiliated with the site.

Fabulous educational website for any Pokemon lover. These lessons captivate the attention of even the youngest learners with video and interactive lessons in math, science, life skills and language. It appears to be expanding it’s curriculum weekly.

Lokimon’s Pokemon

December 5, 1999 -- From Loki Miller, 9 years old from Chico, CA who is affiliated with the site

This site was designed for kids who are new to Pokemon, and old fans, too. I have FAQ’s, a Parent’s Guide, links to lots of sites, and a special members area with movies, music and game tips. I have free things for my member’s web sites.

Pokemon Network

September 10, 1999 -- From Bernon, 14 years old from Anchorage, Alaska who is affiliated with the site

This site is very good because it has information on Pokemon that lots of children should know. It also has an easy and fast-loading layout so that it is easy to navigate around. There are many things in there, such as downloads and contests.


September 10, 1999 -- From a 13 year old from California who is affiliated with the site

The Place for PokéMon! Simply all the information you could possibly want on all PokéMon Games!

Jim’s Pokemon Center

September 6, 1999 -- From Jim, 13 years old from Houston, Texas, USA who is affiliated with the site

This site is filled with lots of content. There are different sections on info on the show, info on the game, info on the cards, and images. There’s enough info here to stay for hours.

Pengo’s Pokemon Page

September 4, 1999 -- From a 12 year old from New Mexico, US who is affiliated with the site

A pretty good website, very kid-friendly and easy to use. No bad language whatsoever.

Magic Pokemon

August 29, 1999 -- From a 17 year old from Ontario, Canada who is affiliated with the site

This is a great site with lots of stuff to do. There are online interactive games like tic-tac-toe, a jigsaw puzzle, a tile game and more. There is also a chat room you can enter. You can read stories submitted by surfers, join the mailing list, or become a member. It is easy to use with a navigation bar. This site is for people of all ages, so there is no worry for bad content.