Amazing Story Club

April 26, 2006 -- From Sashank, 8 years old from Bandung,Indonesia, who is not affiliated with the site

It’s a cool space for kids to publish their poems, stories and book reviews.Only good work from kids all over the world. They also have these role model interviews and a feed back section


November 19, 2003 -- From Ross Tyner, a teacher from Vernon, BC, Canada, who is affiliated with the site

KIdsWWwrite publishes poems and short stories written by children between the ages of 5 and 16. Works are submitted through a Web-based form, edited by award-winning children’s author Margriet Ruurs, and then uploaded to the online magazine, which is published ten times per year.

EBD StoryTeller

November 29, 2000 -- From Jin Ng, a reader from Melbourne, Australia who is affiliated with the site

We have recently upgraded out StoryTeller section. We haveover 5,000 stories, jokes and poems submitted by kids fromaround the world since 1997.

KidsReport.Com * An online newspaper by kids, for kids.

September 26, 2000 -- From Jamie W., a parent from Los Angeles who is affiliated with the site

KidsReport.Com is a newspaper in which all the articles are written by kids. It is the best place on the web for kids to express whatever’s on their minds. News, sports, book reviews, poetry — you name it, KidsReport.Com will publish it.

NIFTY NIBBLES: Children’s Literary Magazine

June 19, 2000 -- From Trudy den Hoed, a reader from Hull, IA who is affiliated with the site

NIFTY NIBBLES is a printed magazine which gives kids the opportunity to get published. There are also writing contests to enter.

November 10, 1999 -- From Nupur, a reader from USA who is affiliated with the site

Great site for kids to post their stories, poems and puzzles.They can also read others stories and poems.As a bonus for submittingstories or poems, kids get their own personal web page.

Kwil Kids

September 25, 1999 -- From Susan Marshall, a parent from Oregon, USA who is affiliated with the site

I like that the content is written by and for kids