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Golden Books

March 26, 2001 -- From Kristina T., a reader from Champlain, NY who is not affiliated with the site

I stumbled on this site by accident, but it is a wonderful treasure of activities for kids! There are online games and with the free membership you can print out loads of books for reading and coloring. I recommend it to anyone with children. What a wonderful way to get a child interested in reading!

Book Adventure

February 21, 2001 -- From Dannielle, a reader from San Antonio, Texas who is not affiliated with the site is a wonderful way of encouraging children to read. They read their favorite books, take a quiz, acquire points that are later used to receive prizes and gift certificates, etc. My daughter can’t wait to read another book. I had to limit how many quizzes she could take per day. I would love to find more sites that reward our children for reading!

Book Adventure

December 11, 2000 -- From Susan Buczynski, a reader from Baltimore, MD who is affiliated with the site

Book Adventure is an excellent site for motivating kids to read. This free site allows children to create book lists from over 4000 books, read the books off line and return to take comprehension quizzes. For each quiz they earn points redeemable for prizes offered through the site.