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Easy Science Experiments

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Science experiments for data loggers and oscilloscopes

April 12, 2000 -- From Alan Tong, a reader from Cambridge, England who is affiliated with the site

A library of science experiments for use with data loggers & oscilloscopes. Examples include measuring the speed of sound, pH of milk, electromagnetic induction & more.

ScienceMaster – the science and technology network

April 4, 2000 -- From Gene, a reader from San Jose, CA who is affiliated with the site is a science and education portal for students, parents and teachers. We provide resources, news and information, links, columns, learning galleries. Focus is K-12. Easy to use, easy to navigate, clear and concise information in all the major areas of science.

The Science Spot

October 27, 1999 -- From Tracy Trimpe, a parent from Havana, IL USA who is affiliated with the site

The Science Spot is an excellent resource for educators and students. From ready-to-use lessons in the Science Classroom to kid-safe links in the Kid Zone, everyone is sure to find something to make learning fun!

October 24, 1999 -- From Brian Adams, a reader from Virginia, USA who is affiliated with the site is the best place on the Web to find things to do. Not just while you’re sitting at the computer, but anywhere. Things to do by yourself or with your friends, your parents, your pets, anyone. We’ll teach you a million and one ways to make things, explore the world, and discover skills you never knew you had. You’ll use words, numbers, facts, ideas, and objects you find around the house. It’s one place where you’ll never be bored!

How Stuff Works

September 26, 1999 -- From Barbara Edlen, a teacher from sunny SW Florida who is not affiliated with the site

This site is fascinating and informative for both children and parents. It’s fun to learn how things work and why! Excellent resource for science projects and/or reports.


September 26, 1999 -- From Pat Franzen, a reader from Schaumburg, IL who is affiliated with the site

Fermilabyrinth, created at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, offers a virtual tour of the facility woven into a middle school leveled, interactive website. Participants can learn about particle accelerators, detectors, theory and more through interactive games. Earn Einstein Bucks with every successful venture. Very Cool!