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Ask Jeeves Kids

May 5, 2006 -- From Catherine M., 9 years old, who is not affiliated with the site

Ask Jeeves Kids is a kids site and what ever you want know he has the answer!


January 23, 2001 -- From Ann Haight, a reader from Chicago, IL who is affiliated with the site

This is an incredible educational, safe and fun portal for kids, teachers and parents. Very easy to use and completely appropriate for children. Developed and maintained by educators.

Easy Kids Network

January 10, 2001 -- From Sarah Moore, a reader from Arizona, US who is not affiliated with the site

It seems to be a well done search site for kids. I have looked it over and really approve of what they have listed. Is worth a look.

a personal search service for teachers and students

December 17, 2000 -- From John Bushnell, a reader from Seguin, Texas who is affiliated with the site

I help you to find resources for learning and give you personal attention with custom reports by e-mail.

Great Sites For Kids

November 25, 2000 -- From Christina, a parent from Olathe, Kansas who is affiliated with the site

Great Sites For Kids searches the Internet to find fun and educational web sites for kids in the following categories: Biography/History, Geography, Language Arts, Math, Music, Science/Nature, and Just For Fun web sites. Also included are a craft, recipe, book, and word of the week.

Searchsisters Kids Search & Research Links

November 13, 2000 -- From Shez, a reader from Victoria, Canada who is affiliated with the site

Here you’ll find links to search and research sites that provide hundreds of links to sites with kid-safe content. This page is designed for kids up to age twelve; the graphics are kid-friendly and it’s an easy starter-site for children.


November 1, 2000 -- From Carol Simon Levin, a parent from New Jersey who is not affiliated with the site

For my two cents, Kidsclick! is the first place I go when looking for info for a child’s homework assignment or to find out information about almost anything (even for grownups). Children’s librarians have categorized thousands of sites by subject, so that you can easily discover great sites for math games, butterflies, presidents, physics, pharaohs, election 2000, whatever… (all legitimate and useful!) It also brings together online encyclopedias, almanacs, maps, and dictionaries in its reference section. In addition, it offers a great children’s tutorial on Internet searching. A similar site designed for grownups is the Librarian’s Index to the Internet (

Kids Click! World of Searching

July 24, 2000 -- From Howard, a reader from Pennsylvania who is not affiliated with the site

This site from the Ramapo Catskill Library teaches students how to search the Web for the information they need.

KidGrid(tm) – Safe-Sites-Only Kid Safe Internet Website

July 5, 2000 -- From Roger Heath, a reader from Glenview, IL USA who is affiliated with the site

KidGrid(tm) safe-sites-only fun internet links for kids, family, and everyone! Only the best of the internet for kids carefully arranged in a colorful and easy to navigate pages.

Traffick: The Guide to Portals

May 29, 2000 -- From Andrew Goodman, a reader from Toronto, Canada who is affiliated with the site

Traffick is a niche Internet site that focuses on explaining, exploring, and analyzing the major web portals such as Yahoo and AOL. Much of the world’s Internet traffic routes through the major portal companies and their properties, but why? Traffick’s columnists and news updates will help the reader to understand the importance of the portal companies in the new economy, and the site’s regular test drives will help the user to get the most out of portal features. Traffick is definitely not just another list of useful links. It offers real insight into the worlds of web navigation, browsing, and the new media giants’ battle for supremacy. Site content is updated daily; weekly and monthly newsletters are available at