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Student Travel

August 19, 2009 -- From Monica, a reader, from USA, who is affiliated with the site.

A great site for both kids and parents, to discover fun travel opportunities to places like the Smithsonian.

Meet Me at Midnight

May 11, 2006 -- From Cassandra, a reader, from Washington, DC, who is affiliated with the site.

Meet Me at Midnight, an interactive art mystery Web site for kids. It’s perfect for eight- to ten-year-olds and is meant to be a fun intro to visiting the museum and seeing some cool artwork. Of course, we hope to teach a little something along the way. It all starts with a class field trip to SAAM. One of the students sees a piece of artwork called the “Root Monster.” The sculpture starts to wink at the student. The student is startled and he catches up with the group. Then one of the security guards stops him and says that he dropped a paper out of his backpack. When the student reads it, it says “Meet Me at Midnight.” Later that night, after he goes to bed, he remembers the note and the Root Monster winking. See if you can save the artwork before the Root Monster takes it! Do you think you are an art master? Try it and see what happens.