Space Exploration: Past, Present, and Future

May 1, 2000 -- From Jody Payne,a teacher fromSouth Lyon, MIwho is affiliated with the site

This website was created by fifth graders. It covers the history of exploration (rocketry, astronomy, telescopes), spaceships (Mir, International Space Station, Space Shuttle), and many other interesting topics on space and space exploration.

Arty the Part-Time Astronaut

April 19, 2000 -- From a12 year old fromUnited Stateswho is not affiliated with the site

Good space and science site. A lot of games.

Arty the Part-Time Astronaut – Kids Astronomy

April 4, 2000 -- From mike,12 years old fromunited stateswho is not affiliated with the site

Great site about space. lots of space games. I can have fun and learn at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NASA Quest — Space Team Online

February 21, 2000 -- From Lori Keith,a reader fromHouston, Texaswho is affiliated with the site

This site allows teachers & students to learn more about the shuttle & International Space Station programs by learning more about the people who work behind the scenes to make it all happen. NASA experts share bios and journals about their work, & have live chats with kids. There is a Q&A feature and the newest feature is live webcasts allowing real-time interaction via the Internet. Promotes math, science, history as it happens, social studies, reading, communication & cultural diversity. Easy to navigate.


November 18, 1999 -- From Judy Vukasin,a reader fromMONTANAwho is not affiliated with the site

We ran across this site while searching out the Leonids meteorshower. It presents information on 2 levels: K-8th, 9th-Adult. It is veryeye-appealing…fun for kids of all ages. There are really cool (whileeducational) interactive squares included in some articles. We also likedthe graphics and the “Buzzwords”, (vocabulary).