Stamp Collecting

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Stamp Exchange Forum

July 24, 2012 -- Submitted by Chris Kotsh, a parent from Canada, who is affiliated with the site. is an online community for stamp collectors to learn about, discuss and trade their stamps.

Philately News

December 5, 2009 -- From Shrikant, a reader from India, who is affiliated with the site. gives latest information about newly issued postage stamps, philately exhibitions,stamp collecting and more. The information give is updated daily with the latest news.

Stamp Collecting Blog

May 11, 2009 -- From Keijo, a parent, from Finland, who is affiliated with the site.

Daily writings about stamps and stamp collecting by a casual worldwide stamp collector.

Stamp Collecting – Doing it for enjoyment, not for profit

January 24, 2009 -- From Shoban, a parent, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, who is affiliated with the site.

The site is aimed at beginners in stamp collecting and teaches them the basics of the hobby. It also teaches them how to make this hobby enjoyable and interesting at a next to nothing cost. Kids can also swap stamps with other collectors through the site. The site is illustrated with over one hundred beautiful stamp images. Having fun with the hobby is the theme of the web site.

Kids Need Stamps

October 5, 2008 -- From Mark, a reader, from Southeast US, who is affiliated with the site.

The #1 site for parents helping kids collect stamps. “Kids Need Stamps” provides free starter-kits and information to assist parents with introducing the world’s largest hobby to their kids.

Kids Need Stamps

September 13, 2008 -- From Mark Rossi, a parent, from Coastal Georgia, who is not affiliated with the site.

Club offers free starter kits to help parents and kids with stamp collecting.

Stamp Listing

August 26, 2007 -- From Web Master, a reader, from India, who is affiliated with the site.

Stamp Exchange & Stamp Trade website for stamp collectors.