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Halfway Down the Stairs Magazine

June 3, 2007 -- From Maureen, a reader, from New Jersey, who is affiliated with the site.

Halfway Down the Stairs is a free online magazine for kids. Each monthly issue is devoted to a particular theme, and contains classic nursery rhymes, poems, and stories, as well as original articles, activities, and book reviews. Writing submissions from kids are also welcomed!

Kid’s stories, crafts, recipes and coloring books!

May 23, 2007 -- From Cynthia, a reader, from Canada, who is affiliated with the site.

This website is specialized in kid’s stories, crafts, coloring pages,and so much more fun stuff. In the parents’ section, there are some advice for parents to spend quality time with their children.

Children’s Stories Online

March 23, 2007 -- From Grace, a reader, from United States, who is affiliated with the site.

The stories at Children’s Story Online are carefully selected for children between the ages of five and seven years. The children stories are enchantingly illustrated in colour and contains a broad selection of children stories including children bible stories, children fairy tales and funny stories.

Tara’s Tale, The Wood Witch of Mineral Springs

January 28, 2007 -- From Grif, a reader, from Madison, North Carolina USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Tara’s Tale, “The Wood Witch of Mineral Springs” is a childrens educational website presenting an epic fairy tale, in verse, for the young at heart. This story is a celebration of life, through its verses life springs eternal! This story offers a great opportunity for parent/child interaction. Visit “The Wood Witch” and her magical friends in the mystical land of Mineral Springs! This wonderful story unfolds in the great state of…


June 29, 2006 -- From Adrienne Potter, a parent, from CA, USA, who is affiliated with the site. has posted a new story for kids: “Rainbow Rennie, The Veggie-Eating Shark,” a tale of a miniature shark who won’t eat meat, and faces persecution and danger for his beliefs. This story entertains while it teaches kids to stick to their values. It also features a safety page that helps parents and kids deal with bullies, terrorism, and many other safety issues.

Inkless Tales

June 17, 2006 -- From Elizabeth , a reader, from New York State, who is affiliated with the site.

Recommended by the American Library Association, which calls Inkless Tales entertaining, educational and easy to navigate, and by the Internet Public Library, which lists it as an “amazing site,” Inkless Tales offers stories, poems, games and projects for four through eight year olds to learn and play in reading and math. New to the site: Inkless Tunes, music for kids, with free downloads.


May 16, 2006 -- From Don, a parent, from Houston, Texas, who is affiliated with the site.

Free fun and educational animated books, cartoons and musical stories for children. Designed for easy navigation so kids just click on a picture and enjoy an entertaining book, story song or cartoon within a virtual environment that is safe and wholesome. All content displays highlighted text/lyrics that help kids learn new words and sentence structure, while strengthening reading comprehension. It’s great fun that teaches kids to read. It also can be used in English immersion and English as second language programs. And it’s all free.

Wee Ones E-magazine

June 10, 2001 -- From Jennifer B. Reed, a parent from Baltimore, MD who is affiliated with the site

I am the publisher, creator and editor of this site. Wee Ones encourages children to read for fun. And encourages parents to read with them. Original, new, free and monthly, a wonderful site with lots of pluses for children and their parents.

Fables Online

January 13, 2001 -- From Nathan, a reader from Portland, OR who is affiliated with the site

Fables Online is a literature based site which encourages children to learn and explore through reading. The sites main areas include Myths & Legends, Heroes & Villains, Reading Room, Fun & Games, and The Internet.

History Happens

December 6, 2000 -- From Mary, a reader from Lexington, KY who is affiliated with the site

History Happens is a Web site designed to bring together culturally diverse audiences by informing and entertaining. The primary source material is stories from American history presented in music video style.