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So Much 2 Learn

July 9, 2012 -- Submitted by Arlene Arp, a teacher from Decatur, Georgia, who is not affiliated with the site. is a Internet resource for students (babies – college), parents and educators. This website is differentiated and may help teachers responsible for teaching the standards. It is my attempt as a teacher, to gather together as many creative, interesting and free websites, covering a broad range of subjects.

Online Alarm Clock

June 5, 2012 -- Submitted by Online Clock, a reader from San Francisco, CA, who is affiliated with the site.

Ever used an alarm clock in your web browser? That’s what you can do with the website called Online Clock. Just visit their website, choose your alarm time and then leave your computer on and your web browser open to their alarm clock website. An alarm sound will go off when your alarm time comes around. This is a fun way to remind you of something when you’re online.

Creativity Games

February 6, 2012 -- Submitted by Ryan, a teacher from Australia, who is affiliated with the site.

Weekly games, challenge and articles for developing your creative thinking.

Tutorhub Online Tutoring

January 31, 2012 -- Submitted by Jon Ellis, a parent from UK, who is affiliated with the site.

Tutorhub is a homework help and online tutoring website. What is different is that it provides a place for collaborative learning (which is free), where students can ask questions and work together to answer them. For those needing extra help, it also allows students to chose and contact online tutors and arrange private one to one online tutoring support.

December 21, 2011 -- Submitted by anonymous. is a useful tool for students since it allows taking notes into well-arranged notebooks divided into individual lectures and topics. The notebooks can be shared with Facebook friends, who can also edit them. Moreover, the application can be used offline without an Internet connection or downloaded directly from the Apple App store for Apple fans.


August 20, 2011 -- Submitted by Paul Thompson, a reader who is affiliated with the site.

Shmoop (named “Best in Tech 2011” by Scholastic Administrator Magazine) is a new learning and teaching resource, lovingly made by experts and educators from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, and other top universities. Shmoop offers learning resources and homework help for Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven, along with other Literature topics, poetry, US History and Test prep resources, which would be a helpful resource for your website visitors.

Quiz Factor

July 12, 2011 -- Submitted by Poppy, a reader from London, England, who is affiliated with the site.

Quiz Factor is the fun, fascinating and free quiz site where you can test your knowledge, challenge your friends and even win a prize. There are fun and educational quizzes for kids of all ages – there’s a quiz for just about everybody!