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Teachers And Families

May 24, 2002 -- From David, a reader from Reston, VA, who is affiliated with the site

Contains educational activities for pre-school, study units for K-12 students and information for parents, all approved by teachers, and designed for home use to help children become successful learners. Free and fee based materials.

The Classroom

February 20, 2002 -- From Sandy, a reader from Georgia, who is affiliated with the site

This great site is designed like a school. Teachers and parents can use this site for information, lesson plans, worksheets and advice. Students can use it for developing skills, homework, classwork and research.


January 15, 2001 -- From Linda, a teacher from OHIO who is affiliated with the site

KID INFO KID INFO is UNIQUELY different from other homework sites because it is organized by the SPECIFIC CURRICULUM. TEACHER TIDBYTES, offers educators links to the best educational Web resources for teachers. KID INFO is an excellent starting point for students, teachers, and parents who want to spend “quality” time on the web!

DiscoverySchool’s Glossary Maker and Vocabulary Quiz Builder

November 26, 2000 -- From Paul Thomas, a reader from Bethesda, MD who is affiliated with the site

Teachers, save time and use’s web tools, Instant Glossary Builder and Vocabulary Quiz Maker to create customized word glossaries and word definition quizzes in a click of a button. Each tool only takes a few easy steps to use and complete. Just enter the list of words into Glossary Builder and it finds the definitions and creates the glossary.

September 20, 2000 -- From Paige, a teacher from US who is not affiliated with the site has everything categorized by different grade levels. Very simple to use and students have used it as a great resource for help with their homework.

Intro to Science in Society

July 19, 2000 -- From Amy, a reader from New York City who is affiliated with the site

Intro to Science is wonderful way for teachers of natural science to offer students dynamic learning opportunities that go beyond traditional textbook teachings. This site offers a graphics-rich journey through the wonders of natural science using animation and experimentation to enhance learning of chemistry, atomic theory, nuclear science, astronomy, genetics, cell structure, and human anatomy. It features a customizable lesson plan package useful for university and high school level science instructors.

Teacher Universe

May 30, 2000 -- From Renee, a teacher from E. Canaan, CT who is affiliated with the site

Teacher Universe provides teacher training (as well as help in technology planning) for teachers in grades K-12 in Integrating technology into the classroom. The site contains links for educators, information on grants, and career services for teachers.

The Busy Educator’s Guide To The World Wide Web

May 27, 2000 -- From Marjan Glavac, a teacher from LONDON, Ontario, Canada who is affiliated with the site

The Busy Educator’s Guide To The World Wide Web features information about top Internet sites for busy teachers, librarians and parents. Book, software and reviews of educational games, teacher articles, reports and a free newsletter with back issues can also be found here.

Learning Page

May 12, 2000 -- From Francis Morgan, a reader from Tucson, Arizona who is affiliated with the site

The Learning Page provides free, downloadable worksheets and lesson plans for teachers and parents of elementary level schoolchildren. There are hundreds of pages in theme-based and basic skills categories. The site is well organized, colorful, and easy to use. The Learning Page adds new content every week.


May 11, 2000 -- From Sarah Kast, a reader from Minneapolis, MN who is affiliated with the site

Classroom Connect’s Dan Buettner and the Quest team will be traveling to the southern islands of Japan, primarily Okinawa, to search for the secrets to long life. It has been shown that this population experiences the greatest longevity in the world. The Quest team will explore the factors that lead to long life, such as genetics, nutrition, stress, and quality of life into old age. The project runs from May 23rd – June 2nd and is free and open to the public. You can visit our website at to find out how to get your classroom involved.