First Gap Year Travel Guide

February 18, 2009 -- From Lalphoto, a reader, from London, who is affiliated with the site.

Many school leavers, graduates and work employees take a gap year to travel or work abroad. This site provides useful information for anyone contemplating taking their first gap year. There is excellent advice on decision making, traveling safely, health hazards and the pros and cons of traveling solo. It can be daunting for any single person thinking of traveling the world by themselves and this site helps to fill in any knowledge gaps as well as overcome any fears or misconceptions about traveling solo. Overall an excellent site with a great travelogue.

Facts about Japan

June 11, 2008 -- From Greg Hackney, a reader, from Tokyo, Japan, who is affiliated with the site.

Overview of Japan featuring interesting facts and a photo gallery of Japanese artifacts. Information on history, popular culture, language, and more.

Bahamas 4 Kids

June 7, 2008 -- From Lisa, a reader, from Nassau, Bahamas, who is affiliated with the site.

Bahamas 4 Kids is a fun place for kids, with heaps of cool things about the Islands of The Bahamas. Learn about fish, shells, plants, music and oodles of other fun stuff about the Bahamas.

Rocky Mountain Kids Korner

October 11, 2007 -- From Marlene, a parent, from Montana, who is affiliated with the site.

Love adventure? Ever wonder what it’s like to live in the Rocky Mountains of Montana? Kids of all ages will love M & E’s real life stories of camping and hiking in the mountains with grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, moose, and more! But that’s not all! M & E share their book and movie reviews, their original fiction, and some favorite projects. So come along and have some Montana fun. Visit

Loghurst, Western Reserve Historical Society

February 1, 2007 -- From Laura, a teacher, from Canfield, OH USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Loghurst,a property of the Western Reserve Historical Society, built in 1805, is the oldest log house in northeast Ohio. Home in 1827 to abolitionist Jacob Barnes. Loghurst is located along Route 224 in Canfield, Ohio.

Bird watching in Uzbekistan

October 18, 2006 -- From Dimitriy, a reader, from Bukhara, Uzbekistan, who is affiliated with the site.

See the wide variety of birds in Uzbekistan, explore the historical cities of the Great Silk Road together with the wide variety of flora and fauna in the surrounding countryside.

Kids Can Travel

September 12, 2006 -- From Nicoletta, from Monza, Italy, who is affiliated with the site.

Get tips and advice for traveling with kids, find great child-friendly destinations and discover fun family vacation ideas.