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Country Reports

September 3, 2003 -- From Dave Driggs, a reader from Salt Lake City, UT, who is affiliated with the site profiles each nation and province in the world. There are thousands of pages with information on world history, weather, governments, economies, people, and currencies. You can view maps, flags or listen to national anthems.

Bite Size Canada

August 20, 2003 -- From Therese Morin, a parent from Ontario, Canada, who is affiliated with the site

This site contains Canadian history, facts, trivia and more … one bite at a time!

Streamliners: America’s Lost Trains

February 2, 2001 -- From Lisa Cerqueira, a reader from Boston who is affiliated with the site

From the moment they were introduced in the 1930s, streamliners transformed the way Americans thought about transportation. They became a national obsession, offering a symbol of hope to Americans caught in the depths of the Great Depression. Yet the golden age of passenger rail was short lived—in only a generation the national highway system and commercial air travel made them obsolete.

Azulejos of Portugal

November 17, 2000 -- From Barbara, Solana Beach, CA who is not affiliated with the site

A rich look at the beautiful hand painted tiles of Portugal called “azulejos.” I loved the facades of tile, and tried to bring some home. Unfortunately, a few of my ceramic treasures broke, even though I hand carried them on the airplane.

Nessie’s Grotto

August 8, 2000 -- From Lois, a teacher from USA who is affiliated with the site

Nessie is probably real. This site explains what she eats, the geology and geography of her lake, and the different people who have seen her for over 1500 years. Other lake monsters get mentioned,too. And you can follow modern scientists who are looking for Nessie right now.

Remco the Railrunner

July 17, 2000 -- From Remco Bertens, 9 years old from Boxmeer, the Netherlands who is affiliated with the site

Train adventures in Luxemburg, Belgium and the Netherlands with railway photos taken by a kid of 9 years old.

Discover America through Postcards

February 19, 2000 -- From Faith, a teacher from Usa who is affiliated with the site

Postcards from America is a virtual roadtrip of the USA that follows a history teacher and a photographer as they drive across America, seeing a state a week, and sending live postcards on the Internet every day from every state. Armed with a digital camera, these two adventurers shoot images during the day to create a “live-at-the-scene” postcard each night for their cyber companions at home and in schools. In addition to the daily postcard, the website provides Travel Tips, Fun Facts, Maps, and a Just for Teachers webpage for using the postcards in the classroom. Awarded 1999’s 100 BEST EDUCATONAL WEBSITES.

Iditarod 411

February 10, 2000 -- From Holli H., a teacher from Greenville, South Carolina who is not affiliated with the site

This is the most kid-friendly, comprehensive, well-organized site on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Attractive pages and concise annotations will help classrooms and families follow the 1,150 mile adventure across Alaska. This year’s race begins on Saturday, March 4th. Links to the official race Website, mushers’ web pages, and everything Alaskan or arctic will keep kids on the learning trail.

Bancroft Arnesen Expedition

January 26, 2000 -- From Stan Oleson, a parent from Minneapolis, MN who is affiliated with the site

This site tracks the progress of the attempt of Ann Bancroft (USA) and Liv Arnesen (Norway) to become the first two women to travel all the way across Antarctica, skiing pulling sleds weighing 250 pounds! They are developing a free curriculum which can be used in schools around the world. The site is a good way to get information about Antarctica, but more importantly it’s about the value of pursuing your dreams, wherever they lead you. It’s fun now, and it will improve as the Expedition, which starts in November 2000, draws closer!

IAITO – the Russian Far East

January 16, 2000 -- From Aaltje van Zoelen, a reader from Seattle, USA who is affiliated with the site

Official information on tours and travel to the newly opened cities and lands of the Russian Far East. Eco tourism, wilderness adventures, cities and cultures of rich history and stunning beauty. Enchanted lands of fire and ice.