A Helping Hand

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K5 Learning

July 29, 2014 -- Submitted by Phoebe, a reader from CA, who is affiliated with the site.

K5 Learning is an online after-school study program for kids in kindergarten to grade 5. We build reading, math and study skills to last a lifetime.

The Educational Pledge

August 20, 2011 -- Submitted by Alberto O. Cappas, a reader from New York City , who is affiliated with the site.

A site promoting Education and Self-Development for children, youth and family; provide links to self-development sites, business development sites, and resources. Also feature the Educational Pledge in English and Spanish, a pledge for students to make, to help in the devlopment of character and a successful journey in life.

Childrendonate2.org Charity Site

April 12, 2011 -- Submitted by Tracy, a reader from Huntington Beach, CA, who is not affiliated with the site.

This is a site where it teaches kids what a charity is. It has cute animal pictures to click on that takes you to a page of links to safe trusted websites that parents with their kids or any adult can donate money to help animals or adopt animals. It is very cute. It has education of kids online and cell phone safety. It has a page of kid fun websites. It has a page dedicated just to help Japan.

Links and education on kids with diabetes, autism, food allergies and more.


May 28, 2010 -- From SCIAF, a reader, from Glasgow, Scotland, who is affiliated with the site.

Movies, fun, stories and learning from Scotland’s leading international aid agency. Find out about the global issues that matter to you and what you can do to change them.


May 22, 2010 -- From Gus, a reader, from USA, who is affiliated with the site.

SproutLaunch is the only online source for good deed inspiration that rewards its users. Good deed doers submit their good deeds and are entered to win weekly rewards provided by site sponsors. Randomly selected winners can either keep the reward or pay it forward to a friend. SproutLaunch is dedicated to encouraging kindness and promoting people to do one good deed each day.

Generation Cures

February 17, 2009 -- From Lucy, a reader, from Boston, MA , who is affiliated with the site.

Generation Cures is a safe, free online community for kids created by Children’s Hospital Boston. The site uses animated stories, interactive games and original kid-directed videos to teach kids about the power of philanthropy and its potential to make the world a better place. Along the way, they learn about science and medicine and strengthen their skills of logic, critical thinking and creativity. Ultimately, Generation Cures raises vital pediatric research funds to find cures for sick kids worldwide.


March 6, 2007 -- From Tracy L, a parent, from California USA, who is affiliated with the site.

My two step-daughters and I created this site for kids to go to with their parents to learn about helping others. It has cute pictures of animals and kids can click on them and go to sites that help save animals.