MatMice: Free Homepages For Kids

December 13, 2000 -- From Emily, Sarah, and Elise, teenage readers from Australia who are affiliated with the site

By visiting the website, kids can create their own homepage bychoosing colors, entering text, and adding pictures with theeasy-to-use online homepage builder. Being kids themselves, thethree sisters developed the site from a unique perspective.


August 17, 2000 -- From Erika, a reader from USA who is not affiliated with the site

A wonderful site for young or new users. It offers email,webpage building, games, arts & crafts etc. My 7 year old startedon this when she was 5. It has safety nets for emails. Checkit out! Mommy approved!

UCS: The Ultimate Computer Source

September 6, 1999 -- From a 14 year old from Philadelphia, PA who is affiliated with the site

UCS is an excellent and comprehensive site about computers. The great thing about it is it’s geared for any and all visitors. With computer history to programming tutorials to fun games and simulations, this site is a fun and valuable resource for anyone.

Lissa Explains it All

August 4, 1999 -- From a 12 year old from Florida, USA who is affiliated with the site

Excellent resource to help kids make their own Web page.

Enrique’s Web

June 19, 1999 -- From an 11 year old from Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA who is affiliated with the site

This is a site made by a well trained 11 year old webmaster with a very good web page. It has many things to explore in it.

Kitty’s PageWorks

May 23, 1999 -- From Kitty, a reader from California, USA who is affiliated with the site

PageWork’s is a fun and inspiring site of animation information. Parents, grandparents & teachers are invited to add animation to thier stories and web pages.