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Oxford English Dictionary: Word of the Day

May 5, 2006 -- From Anita, a reader from Atlanta, GA

An individual annual subscription to the online Oxford English Dictionary (the granddaddy of all dictionaries) costs $550; but the fun and educational Word of the Day is free! Click the tiny menu buttons to view a history of word, or a date chart of its earliest usage.

Pun of the Day

November 18, 2000 -- From Mike Bull, a reader from Winnipeg, Canada who is affiliated with the site

Chuckle, giggle or groan at a funny play on words every week day. All clean content. Includes archived categories of puns such as people, education, at work, and much more!

Grade A+’s Verbal Advantage

May 26, 2000 -- From Christie Thompson, a teacher from Plano, Texas who is affiliated with the site

Prepare for those tests a word a day! FREE! Each weekday, learn a commonly used word from the ACT/SAT test. We’ll provide its definition, its origin, and a mnemonic device! At the end of each week, you’ll receive a quiz to test your retention.