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A Game A Day Interactive

March 29, 2000 -- From T. Priber, a teacher from New Jersey who is affiliated with the site

A Game A Day Interactive features free, interactive word games and puzzles, including crosswords, anagrams, word searches and brainteasers for kids and adults. Great for spelling, vocabulary, critical thinking, language development. Puzzles and games are fun, educational and challenging!

Detective Shell’s Word Search

March 16, 2000 -- From Melissa Schipper, a parent from Garland, TX who is affiliated with the site

Detective Shell’s Word Search is a free Shockwave game for children to work word find puzzles online. There are two levels of difficulty.

Online Activities at Syvum

February 19, 2000 -- From Bill Watson, a reader from Calgary, Canada who is affiliated with the site

Build vocabulary, spelling, grammar and reading skills through fun activities and interactive stories. Each activity has a detailed introduction and dynamic tests that are automatically generated and graded. Fun characters Nottie and Webbie give the kids company while they learn.

January 6, 2000 -- From Jeannie Rae Justus, a parent from Newark, Ohio who is not affiliated with the site

There is something for all ages here. There are word games, math games, puzzles, brain teasers, etc. Not only is this site great for making kids think, they have great fun doing it.

A Game A Day

December 3, 1999 -- From T. Priber, a teacher from New Jersey, USA who is affiliated with the site

A Game A Day features a free new printable word puzzle,word game, wordplay, word search, crossword,or brainteaser each weekday. Puzzle topics include history, geography, logical thinking and problem solving, phonics, spelling, and holidays.Enjoy!