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October 31, 2009 -- From King's Yomen, a reader from Portland, OR, who is affiliated with the site.

YoTricks.com is designed to give anyone who wants to learn how to yo-yo all the skills they need to become a yo-yo champion. All the tricks are taught using high quality videos that make learning yo-yo tricks and skills easy. The site also includes a great trick categorization and navigation system so any player can quickly find tricks just right for their level of skill.

Lee’s Yo-Yo Page

August 15, 2006 -- From Lee, a parent, from Lafayette, Louisiana, who is affiliated with the site.

This is an excellent yo-yoing resource site having a multitude of links to other yo-yo sites worldwide.

Sweel — a classic toy

May 20, 1999 -- From a parent from Charlotte, NC who is not affiliated with the site

I like this site because it has a lot of interesting and informative information on my son’s new favorite toy. This site is a good reference site on the Sweel and has animated moves my son can view in his goal to be a Sweel expert. I have never seen a web site for one toy carry so much valuable information.


May 18, 1999 -- From an 11 year old from USA who is affiliated with the site

This is a very good site and I recommend it.