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Cheetah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is a big cat in the subfamily Felinae that inhabits most of Africa and parts of Iran. It is the only extant member of the genus Acinonyx.

Cheetah Conservation Fund
Focuses on researching and implementing strategies for cheetah conservation in its natural habitat. Features cheetah facts and threats, current projects, news, photos ...

Cheetah videos, photos and facts - Acinonyx jubatus | ARKive
The cheetah is the fastest land mammal on the planet, reaching speeds of up to 87 kilometres per hour. Cheetahs mainly hunt during the day to avoid competition with ...

Cheetah - Fastest Running Animal - YouTube
Cheetah - Fastest Running Predator

Asiatic cheetah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Asiatic cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus), also known as the Iranian cheetah, is a critically endangered cheetah subspecies surviving today only in Iran.

Cheetah Facts - About Cheetahs - What Do Cheetahs Eat ...
Cheetah Habitat Where Do Cheetahs Live? Historically, cheetahs were once found throughout all of the African and Asian continents from the far reaches of South Africa ...

Bill Thomas Cheetah
BTM was formed in Nov 2001 for the purpose of carrying on the Bill Thomas Cheetah Legacy with Genuine Letters of Authenticity signed by the man him self, Bill P ...

BBC Nature - Cheetah videos, news and facts
Cheetah. Cheetahs are found in sub-Saharan Africa and Northern Iran. Reaching speeds of over 100kph (almost 65mph) they are the fastest animals on land, easily ...

Asia Trail - National Zoo
Asia Trail, a series of exhibits that opened in 2006, is home to 7 Asian species including giant and red pandas.

Cheetah Cam - Richmond Times-Dispatch
Cheetah cub photos from February The Richmond Cheetah Cam cubs are growing, and their first public appearance is growing closer.

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