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Constellation - Wikipedia
7 Jan 2017 at 2:59am
A constellation is formally defined as a region of the celestial sphere, with boundaries laid down by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

Constellation Guide | StarDate Online
10 Jan 2017 at 11:24am
How did the constellations get their names? Most constellation names are Latin in origin, dating from the Roman empire, but their meanings often originated in the ...

Constellation List - UW-Madison Astronomy
5 Jan 2017 at 11:33pm
Alphabetical listing of constellations . Andromeda ; Antlia ; Apus ; Aquarius ; Aquila ; Ara ; Aries ; Auriga ; Botes ; Caelum ; Camelopardalis ; Cancer ; Canes ...

Constellations of the Night Sky: Famous Star Patterns ...
30 Jan 2014 at 7:08am
Aquarius, the "water bearer," is a large but faint constellation in the southern sky. [See our reference page about the constellation of Aquarius

Constellations: The Zodiac Constellation Names
16 May 2012 at 12:08am
There are 13 popular constellations in the zodiac. But these are just some of the star constellations astronomers use to divide the sky.

Astronomy for Kids - The Constellations
5 Jan 2017 at 5:46am
Constellations and Asterisms Constellations have been an important part of human society and folklore since we humans lived in caves, and, probably, even before then.

Stars and Constellations - UW-Madison Astronomy
9 Jan 2017 at 2:10pm
The Constellations and their Stars Infrared view of the center of our galaxy. What are constellations? Frequently Asked Questions. Constellations (alphabetical)

The Constellations
7 Jan 2017 at 2:45am
Constellations table. The Constellations. Andromeda: Antlia The Air Pump: Apus Bird of Paradise: Aquarius Water Carrier: Aquila The Eagle: Ara The Altar: Aries The ...

Lists of constellations - Wikipedia
8 Jan 2017 at 7:23am
The following lists of constellations are available: Modern constellations - a list of the current constellations. Former constellations - a list of former ...

The Constellations - Enchanted Learning Software
16 Jan 2017 at 5:36pm
The 12 Constellations of the Zodiac The zodiac is a band of 12 constellations along the ecliptic. Aquarius, the water bearer Aries, the ram Cancer, the crab

Constellation Andromeda - The Constellations on Sea and Sky
10 Jan 2017 at 3:27pm
Origins. The asterisms that make up the constellations were seen by ancient people as patterns in the stars. Their origins date back hundreds or even thousands of years.

5 Jan 2017 at 8:02am
THE CONSTELLATIONS From Jim Kaler's STARS. This site is linked to Constellation Maps. The Constellations thanks more than two million visitors. A Brief Introduction

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