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Neptune Facts - Interesting Facts about the Planet Neptune
Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun making it the most distant in the solar system. This gas giant planet may have formed much closer to the Sun in early solar ...

Neptune - Educational facts and history of the planet Neptune.
Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun and the fourth largest (by diameter). Neptune is smaller in diameter but larger in mass than Uranus.

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The NEPTUNE Ocean Observatory project is part of Ocean Networks Canada which is a University of Victoria initiative. NEPTUNE is the world?s first regional-scale ...

Neptune, Neptune Information, Facts, News, Photos ...
Get information, facts, photos, news, videos, and more about planet Neptune from National Geographic.

Planet Neptune: Facts About Its Orbit, Moons & Rings
Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun. It was the first planet to get its existence predicted by mathematical calculations before it was actually seen through a ...

The Gas (and Ice) Giant Neptune - Universe Today ? Space ...
Neptune is the eight planet from our Sun, one of the four gas giants, and one of the four outer planets in our Solar System. Since the ?demotion? of Pluto

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Neptune has a total of 14 known moons. As Neptune was the Roman god of the sea, the planet's moons were named after lesser sea gods or goddesses.

Neptune - Astronomy For Kids - KidsAstronomy.com
Neptune is the smallest of the four gas giants in our Solar System. Much like Saturn and Uranus, Neptune's atmosphere contains hydrogen, helium and methane.

Neptune Profile - Solar System Exploration
National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Solar System Exploration beta. Main {{sub.pageTitle}}

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Neptune is the outermost planet of the gas giants. It has an equatorial diameter of 49500 km. If Neptune were hollow, it could contain nearly 60 Earths. Neptune ...

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