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Mongabay - Rainforests: facts, figures, news, and pictures
11 Apr 2017 at 2:29pm
Rainforests are forest ecosystems characterized by high levels of rainfall, an enclosed canopy and high species diversity. While tropical rainforests are the best ...

Zoom Rainforest - Enchanted Learning
23 Apr 2017 at 12:03am
What is a Rainforest? Rainforests are very dense, warm, wet forests. They are havens for millions of plants and animals. Rainforests are extremely important in the ...

Rainforest - Wikipedia
23 Apr 2017 at 7:49am
Rainforests are forests characterized by high rainfall, with annual rainfall in the case of tropical rainforests between 250 and 450 centimetres (98 and 177 in), and ...

Rainforest Information for Kids
21 Apr 2017 at 10:53pm
RAINFOREST INFORMATION FOR OLDER READERS. We also have a wealth of additional information about the rainforest at rainforests.mongabay.com

What's It Like Where You Live? - MBGnet
22 Apr 2017 at 5:44pm
Did you know there are two types of Rainforest-- the temperate and the tropical? Tropical rainforests are found close to the equator. Temperate rainforests are found ...

Rainforest Biomes - Blue Planet Biomes
22 Apr 2017 at 3:32am
Plants. Animals. Climate. Southeast Asian Rainforests . The tropical rain forest is a forest of tall trees in a region of year-round warmth.

Rainforest Facts: The Disappearing Rainforests
21 Apr 2017 at 6:14pm
Raintree's rainforest website features indepth information on the problems and solutions of Rainforest deforestation

Deforestation - rainforests.mongabay.com
23 Apr 2017 at 12:18am
As the first seven parts of the rainforest section of the site have described, tropical rainforests are incredibly rich ecosystems that play a fundamental role in the ...

Where are Rainforests? - EnchantedLearning.com
22 Apr 2017 at 12:08pm
Where are tropical rainforests? Tropical rainforests are located in a band around the equator (Zero degrees latitude), mostly in the area between the Tropic of Cancer ...

Where Are Rainforests Located? - MBGnet
23 Apr 2017 at 8:17am
Where Are Rainforests Located? Tropical rainforests are located near the equator. Fifty seven percent of all tropical rainforests are found in Latin America.

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