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Units of Measurement
Introduction. Americans probably use a greater variety of units of measurement than anyone else in the world. Caught in a slow-moving transition from customary to ...

Units of measurement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A unit of measurement is a definite magnitude of a physical quantity, defined and adopted by convention or by law, that is used as a standard for measurement of the ...

Unit of Measurement - Math is Fun - Maths Resources
Example: a commonly used unit of time is the second. We don't say a stopwatch measures "1 seconds", we say it measures "seconds".

Measurement Converter: Conversion of Weights and Measures
Online weights and measures conversion. Online calculators for quick and easy metric conversion, conversion tables for both commonly used and very exotic units.

Units of Measure
A website with a database of information on a variety of units of measure. Look for new perspectives on the magnitude of any physical quantity.

Units of measurement definition of Units of measurement in ...
Units of measurement. Values, quantities, or magnitudes in terms of which other such are expressed. Units are grouped into systems, suitable for use in the ...

Measurement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Measurement (from Old French: mesurement) is the assignment of numbers to objects or events. It is a cornerstone of most natural sciences, technology, economics, and ...

Introduction to US Standard Units - Math is Fun
Measuring With Maggie An Introduction to US Standard Units Also known as "English Units" or "US Customary Units" Wow, I just flew in from planet Micron.

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