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Whale - Wikipedia
16 Mar 2017 at 5:38pm
Whales are a widely distributed and diverse group of fully aquatic placental marine mammals. They are an informal grouping within the infraorder Cetacea, usually ...

Whale Facts and Information
19 Mar 2017 at 9:35am
Facts about Whales, Blue Whales, Beluga Whales, Humpback Whales.Whale Information, Anatomy, Habitat, Reproduction and Whale Conservation

Whales | Basic Facts About Whales | Defenders of Wildlife
19 Mar 2017 at 6:00am
Whales belong to the order cetacea, which includes whales, dolphins and porpoises. Whales are divided into two suborders: baleen and toothed whales.

Whale | Species | WWF - World Wildlife Fund
16 Mar 2017 at 10:14am
Whales roam throughout all of the world?s oceans, communicating with complex and mysterious sounds. Their sheer size amazes us: the blue whale can reach lengths of ...

Whales: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News
20 Mar 2017 at 4:36pm
Big News on Whales. Includes blogs, news, and community conversations about Whales.

Blue Whale | National Geographic
2 Apr 2014 at 3:24am
Blue whales are baleen whales, which means they have fringed plates of fingernail-like material, called baleen, attached to their upper jaws. The giant animals feed ...

WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation
20 Mar 2017 at 1:51pm
Whale and Dolphin Conservation is dedicated solely to the worldwide conservation and welfare of all whales, dolphins and porpoises. Please support us!

Whales - What is a Whale?- EnchantedLearning.com
19 Mar 2017 at 5:24am
Whales are large aquatic mammals that breathe air through blowhole(s) into lungs (unlike fish which breathe using gills). They live their entire lives in water.

Killer whale - Wikipedia
16 Mar 2017 at 6:39am
Killer whale; Transient killer whales near Unimak Island, eastern Aleutian Islands, Alaska: Size compared to an average human

Whales - Whale facts and information - WDC
15 Mar 2017 at 6:51pm
Whales are marine mammals, members of the cetacea order which also includes dolphins and porpoises. Some whales have teeth while others have baleen, there are over 40 ...

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