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Voice: Active and Passive - Towson University
ACTIVE / PASSIVE VOICE. Active voice. In most English sentences with an action verb, the subject performs the action denoted by the verb. These examples show that the ...

Purdue OWL: Active and Passive Voice - Welcome to the ...
Using Active Versus Passive Voice. In a sentence using active voice, the subject of the sentence performs the action expressed in the verb.

Grammar Girl : Active Voice Versus Passive Voice :: Quick ...
Get Grammar Girl's take on active voice versus passive voice. Learn whether passive voice is always wrong, or if it is sometimes preferred to active voice.

Active Voice, Passive Voice | EnglishClub
Active Voice, Passive Voice. There are two special forms for verbs called voice: Active voice; Passive voice; The active voice is the "normal" voice. This is the ...

Active Vs. Passive Voice for Writing | eHow
Active voice is more direct than passive voice because of the simple, easily digestible subject-verb format. In an active voice, the subject does an action.

Passive Voice - The Writing Center
This handout will help you understand what passive voice is, why many instructors frown upon it, and how you can revise to achieve greater clarity.

Active Passive Voice Worksheets and Online Quizzes
The active/passive voice worksheet involves labeling sentences as active or passive and identifying the doer of action. Then, rewriting sentences from active to ...

Passive Voice - Learning English - Grammar Exercises
Passive Voice - Learning English with our free Online Exercises. Passive Voice - Grammar Exercises Passive Voice Active - Passive - Test 1 Active - Passive - Test 2

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