When I was five I had pink ballerina wallpaper on the walls of my room. Every night I would say good night to those ballerinas, making up names for them as I went along. I dreamt ballerina dreams well into my teens, until college actually. Now, I have my own little girl, and she has ballerina wallpaper and her own ballerina dreams. To encourage her dreams, and those of countless others, here is the best of what I found dancing on the Web.

American Ballet Theatre Photo Gallery5 stars

These two stunning photo exhibitions from the American Ballet Theatre Web site are just for the joy of looking at them. "Moments in Time" highlights the history of the troupe in eighteen photos, and Roy Round's album of current photos gives one a glimpse into the life of a dancer.

Degas Ballet Dancers4 stars

Edgar Degas, the French impressionist artist, was a master of the human figure in motion. His paintings, drawings and bronzes of ballerinas are among the masterpieces of the century. This Degas exhibit is brought to you by the Webmuseum of Paris. Click on any of the thirteen thumbnail views to see a larger picture, and be sure to share them with the ballerinas at your house.

Welcome to the Coach's Corner4 stars

My readers know that I love of the application of online technology to learning, and here is another stellar example of what is possible. Ballet coach Anthony Noa writes a monthly column for ballet teachers. Previous topics have included The Barre and Body Placement. But what I found interesting is that each column is illustrated by an animated dancer who not only performs a dance combination, but also breaks it down into individual steps as a tutorial. The animations can be viewed online with Shockwave Flash (they load very quickly) or can be downloaded for either Mac or Windows. To watch the animations, click on any of the links labeled "Jump To It." The rest of the DanceArt site is also worth visiting. Follow the links at the top of the page for "Fun" or "Art" where you'll find clip art to dress up your home page.

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

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