Baseball Fun

If spring fever means baseball to you, then I’ve got some Internet diversions for you. All require Shockwave, which can be downloaded for free. Now, altogether please: “Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the crowd.”

Fastball Arcade4 stars

Hit a home run at Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies, and watch the fountains erupt. Swing your bat by clicking above the home plate. Experiment with your cursor position to find the sweet spot. For the youngest baseball fans, there is Dinger's Virtual Catch. Catch as many of the falling balls as you can in thirty seconds. But get hit by a falling bat or glove, and you'll lose points.

Major League Baseball Fun & Games4 stars

Follow the Fun & Games link (look on the blue left-hand frame) for three Shockwave games. Big League Vendor puts you "in the stands with the fans" as you pitch hot dogs, peanuts and beer to the cheering crowd. But watch out, you'll lose points if you toss a beer to a minor. Home Run Derby simulates a fastball pitch during batting practice. If you can even hit the ball, you have better reflexes than I. Hold down the space bar to build up power. Release to swing your bat. The last game is a variation of Hangman based on fifty baseball-related words.

SIFK: Bat-o-Matic Fantasy Baseball5 stars

"Sports Illustrated for Kids" has created a terrific (and free) fantasy baseball league just for kids. After choosing a team name and joining a ten-team league, it's time to draft your players. You have $5,000,000 to fill out your lineup with five pitchers and nine hitters. Your virtual team will earn points based on how your players do in real-life games. For example, if one of your hitters scores a home run, you'll earn twenty points. But if he's caught stealing, you'll be penalized five points. The season has already started, but there is still time to create a team. Good luck!

Sportsline Arcade4 stars

CBS Sportsline presents twenty-five Shockwave sports games, including three with baseball themes. Test your baseball knowledge with the Baseball Playoff Trivia. Earn runs with each correct answer. Three strikes, you're out! In Grand Slam (a baseball version of Pong), move your bat to hit the balls as they bounce off the gloves. Ignore the Rules section, as it incorrectly lists instructions for the golf game. Last, but not least, is Major League Pinball. Try it. It's fast and fun.

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

Baseball Math

Penney Design: Shockwave Baseball

Softball Smash

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