Other than games played by my own kids, I am not known as huge sports fan. But over the years, baseball has won me over. Encouraged by my daughter (the biggest baseball fan in our house) I have come to enjoy and appreciate the national pastime. Play ball!

Baseball Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00

Baseball Almanac5 stars

Baseball Almanac is a comprehensive site filled with every imaginable baseball stat, record, award, record, and "Fabulous Feat." Peruse it via the sections listed on the left-hand vertical menu, or try the Google site search. The Almanac is huge; a search for "Babe Ruth" returns 1650 pages. Going far beyond the usual set of stats, the site includes baseball songs, poetry, quotations, movies, and presidential baseball trivia. "President John F. Kennedy had a staff member named Dave Powers act as his official Undersecretary of Baseball."

Little League Baseball3 stars

Little League Baseball is the largest organized youth sports program in the world with millions of participants on 200,000 teams in 100 countries. It was founded in 1939 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania when a $35 donation was enough to buy uniforms for 3 teams. Start at "About Us" for the history of Little League, or "Players" for current news and a ten-question Little League trivia quiz. "Who was the first Little League graduate to become President of the United States?"

Major League Baseball: Kids' Dugout3 stars

The kids section of the Major League Baseball site is my pick of the day for the variety of their content. Visit for seven cool online games, tips on improving your game, baseball trivia, and a page dedicated to your team. Although each team's page is different, you may find downloadable team logo wallpaper, a kids club you can join, and a schedule of local promotions. And, of course, the "grownup" MLB site (with scoreboards and schedules) is just a click away.

PBS: Baseball5 stars

"The story of baseball is also the story of race in America, of immigration and assimilation; of the struggle between labor and management, of popular culture and advertising, of myth and the nature of heroes, villains, and buffoons; of the role of women and class and wealth in our society." Acclaimed film maker Ken Burns spent four years creating an eighteen-hour PBS series on the history of baseball. This site is the online companion to that film. It has a terrific section for teachers, a good introduction to the game for baseball neophytes, and a twenty-two question quiz.

Sports Illustrated for Kids5 stars

The online edition of "Sports Illustrated for Kids" is fun from cover to cover. Or should I say from click to click? My favorites clicks are Bat-o-Matic (a free fantasy baseball league just for kids) and Power Hitter (a fun Shockwave game.) Although there is not a menu that lists all things baseball, you'll find related features throughout the magazine. For example MLB scores, headlines, and a personal stats calculator are found in "News."

Baseball Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

America's Story: Play Ball!

Funbrain: Math Baseball

National Baseball Hall of Fame

National Pastime

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