Beanie Babies

Barbara J. Feldman

I knew Beanie Babies were hot when I saw them featured on CNN. The highlight of the coverage was a video of a Beanie Baby mob scene: moms and strollers tripping over each other to buy the last Beanie Baby off the shelf. (Did you see “Jingle All the Way”?) My daughter wants a Beanie Baby collection bigger than her friends’ collections (not in my life time with my money), but my son wants to buy stock in their creator, the plush toy company Ty, Inc..

  • Beanie Baby Buddies Club3 stars

    "We judge you not on how many Beanie Babies you have, but by the happiness you share with your Beanies and others." In case you haven't yet heard, Beanie Baby stuffed animals are the hottest toy craze to sweep the country since Tickle me Elmo. At only $5.00, they are easy for kids to save for, and easy for parents to give in to. Come to the Beanie Baby Buddies Club to vote for your favorite Beanie, and leave a message in the guest book.

  • Kim's Beanie Babies3 stars

    Kim's Beanie Baby site is home to a Beanie auction that requires a ten dollar registration fee. (Kids -- ask your parents first!) The Beanies auctioned here are the collectors' items such as Beanies with misprinted tags, retired Beanies, or other hard-to-find Beanie Babies. Kim also has a free Trading Post for buying and selling (no auctioning allowed) Beanies.

  • Ty Inc.5 stars

    This is official Beanie Baby headquarters, created by their manufacturer Ty. Here you'll find the List with pictures of all the Beanie Babies and their birthdays. By the way, it takes about an hour to print all twenty eight pages on a color inkjet printer, but it was so much fun that my daughter wanted two copies. They also have a games page, and a bulletin board with messages from Beanie-crazed collectors.

  • Honorable Mentions

    The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

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