Bird Feeding

Barbara J. Feldman

Because the cold winter months are the hardest for wild birds, February and March have been named National Bird Feeding Months by the National Bird-Feeding Society. You can help your local bird population by providing supplemental food, water and shelter, and start a fun, educational hobby at the same time.

  • All About Birds: Feeding Birds5 stars

    "Bird feeding has been an American tradition since at least the times of Emily Dickinson and Henry David Thoreau. It provides us with wonderful opportunities for close viewing of birds. It can also be good for birds." All About Birds provides great advice on choosing a bird feeder, types of bird seed, and where to place your feeder. For science curriculum ideas, follow the Teach link listed under Get Involved on the main navigation menu. There you'll find science activities, resources for teachers, and the BirdSleuth curriculum for classroom and homeschoolers.

  • Audubon: Bird Feeding Basics5 stars

    Although birdseed and suet from feeders provides dietary supplement to more than 100 North American bird species, bird feeders also increase dangers such as window collisions, predators and disease. Audubon offers tips on safely attracting and feeding birds, maintaining a feeder and guarding against squirrels. "A recent study found that colliding with a window is the most common cause of bird death associated with feeders. To avoid such collisions, position feeders at least three feet from the window."

  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Project Feeder Watch5 stars

    Project Feeder Watch is a winter survey of backyard birds. From November through early April, participants periodically count birds at their backyard feeders. "FeederWatch data help scientists track broad scale movements of winter bird populations and long-term trends in bird distribution and abundance." And there is still time to sign up for the 2009/2010 season, which ends on April 9. For $15 you'll get a Research Kit with instructions, bird identification poster, bird feeding guide, and tally sheet.

  • National Bird-Feeding Society: Best Backyard Bird-Feeding Practices5 stars

    "Here you will find the basic ingredients that when mixed together will create a recipe for a successful backyard bird feeding and habitat program." The ingredients are bird seed, bird feeders, bird safety, and bird habitat tips for housing nesting birds and sheltering birds from predators and harsh weather. Best click for birding beginners is the Top Ten Bird Feeding Tips, also available as a PDF download for easy printing and sharing.

  • Wild Birds Unlimited: Educational Resources4 stars

    The Wild Birds Unlimited website has a huge educational section that includes information on bird feeding, bird species, bird behavior (such as bathing, courtship and migration), choosing binoculars, and creating a wildlife habitat in your backyard. A great click for beginners is Get Started with Bird Feeding, which includes a number of PDFs about custom seed blends, and seed recommendations for eastern and western states.

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