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Barbara J. Feldman

When you write them at school, your teacher calls them book reports. But when they are published, they magically become book reviews. Harness the power of the Internet to turn your book reports into published book reviews at these five sites.

  • Amazon.com5 stars,"Earth's biggest bookstore," is well-known for their success in building an online business from scratch. It also happens to be my favorite bookstore. What makes it special? I like browsing the book reviews written by other readers. To post your own review, first find your book in their catalog. Near the bottom of the book page, you'll find a link titled "I have read this book and want to review it." If you are under thirteen, you do not need to share your name or email address. Barnes & also publishes reader reviews.

  • BookHooks5 stars

    "Welcome to BookHooks. We have 1019 book reports and more coming every day!" Reviews can be browsed by author, title or genre, and are cleverly keyed with a Spoiler Alert graphic if they reveal too much of the plot. Other features that make BookHooks top notch are their book-related games, and links to author sites. In addition to book reviews, readers can also post stories, poems and drawings. On a tech note, the submission page uses an embedded Word document. If your configuration doesn't support this, look for the Mac link in the upper-right corner.

  • SCPLS: Booklists3 stars

    Interested in scary books? How about fantasy and time travel? The Seminole County Public Library has pages of recommended kid books, organized by subject, and welcomes reviews on any book on their list. There are hundreds of books listed here, and only a handful have already been reviewed. So jump on in, and tell the world what you thought of that last book.

  • Stories from the Web4 stars

    Enter this British site through the door appropriate for your age: either eight to eleven, or eleven to fourteen. At the younger site, book reviews are found on the "Tell us about it" link under the "Join In" heading. Older kids will find their reviews listed under "Books." To submit a review, choose your book from the list of titles. If your book isn't listed, follow the link for first reviews, and you'll reach a page that will allow you to enter both the title and author.

  • Write a Book Review with Rodman Philbrick5 stars

    In this five-part writing seminar from children's author Rodman Philbrick, students in grades three through eight learn how to write and edit a book review. Start by reading a book review written by Philbrick, and then progress to jotting down notes about your book. The teacher's guide suggests that younger students (grade 5 and below) only do one of the three writing challenges in step three. Although you can not post your book review at the Scholastic site, there is a Certificate of Completion to be printed when you finish the workshop.

  • Honorable Mentions

    The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

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