My daughter entered kindergarten this fall, and brought the game of checkers back into our house. When we first started playing, I had trouble remembering the rules, so I was pleased to find these checkers sites to jog my memory. My daughter has enjoyed playing checkers over the Net against real players. Her first Net opponent was nine-years old (so he said) and had this to say about my daughter being only five, “Oh, cool.” I hope your family finds these game sites “cool” too.

10 Positions to Learn3 stars

Starting with the basic "two for one," this animated tutorial teaches ten common checker formations. Unfortunately the animation moves very quickly (could my old modem be too fast?), so use the stop button on your browser to give you time to study each move. If you are interested in improving your game, these ten lessons are a terrific place to start.

Learn2 Play Checkers5 stars

"A few minutes to learn, a lot longer to master." Learn2 is a great introduction to checkers. In just three steps, the tutorial takes you from setting up the board to "emerging victorious." Learn2 hosts hundreds of other tutorials as well. From the checkers page, you'll find links to the chess and poker tutorials. A complete listing of "2torial" topics runs down the left-hand side of the page.

Let's Play Checkers5 stars

This is your chance to play against Chinook, the award-winning checkers program that defeated the masters. Chinook began in 1988 and quickly became a worthy opponent for the world's best checker players. By 1992 it had defeated all of the world's top human players, except Dr. Marion Tinsley, the world champion. The story of Chinook and the battle between man and machine is fascinating. You'll be pleased to know you can adjust Chinook's playing level to Novice, Amateur or Intermediate.

Playsite5 stars

Play against human opponents at this Java game site with chat. Playsite includes rooms for checkers, chess, backgammon, and more. You can play as a guest, but registered users (registration is free) get a rating that increases or decreases with play. After logging on, go to the Checkers room to find a match. Remember, the games includes chat, so appropriate parent supervision is recommended. My son really enjoyed the scrambled word game, Tangleword. It is fast, addictive, and you compete against many players at once.

Thinks.com4 stars

Play checkers against the computer at this visually-appealing Java checkers game by Cafesoft. You can set the level of difficulty by deciding how many moves (from one to ten) the computer can think ahead. You can also choose who plays first. Other Java games at this site include Connect4 and Blocks (a version of Tetris).

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

American Checkers Federation

Excite Checkers

Vinco Checkers

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