Computer Questions and Answers

Computer Questions and Answers

Oh, the joys and terrors of technology! We’ve all been through it. Sometimes computers can be so useful, and other times they can be so frustrating. To help with your technology hurdles, here’s my personal list of favorite tech gurus, each with a huge online archive of questions and answers. Like the Internet itself, these free websites run 24/7 to help find answers when you need them. Each guru also sends a free newsletter to keep you updated on new topics. I recommend signing up for a few of them.

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Ask Dave Taylor5 stars

Dave Taylor covers a lot of territory, answering questions about iPhones, Facebook, Unix, Limewire, HTML, blogs, CSS, building websites, Mac OS, and even "D) None of the Above." Site search is located in the right-hand menu, where there is also a listing of popular articles, a category listing, and a big red Ask Dave button. When you get to the Ask Dave page, you have three choices: search his site, post your question at a for-a-fee site endorsed by Dave, or scroll all the way down the page to send Dave a question for free (as long as you don't check the "Help! I need immediate assistance" button, which is fee-based.)

Ask Leo5 stars

"Helping people with computers ... one answer at a time." Leo Notenboom is a retired Microsoft software engineer who has been answering tech questions online since 2003. Best way to find an answer is to use the search function (scroll down the front page to see it.) Popular and recent answers are listed in the right-hand column, or peruse answers listed by category (look for the Categories link near the bottom of the page.) Although Leo does cover a variety of Apple topics, and many questions are applicable to all platforms, he fields a lot of Microsoft, Hotmail and Windows questions.

Jake Ludington's Digital Lifestyle5 stars

Jake Ludington is a multimedia expert, and answers questions about digital video and podcasting, as well as computer productivity tools, Macs, iPhones, and social media such as blogging and Facebook. His "Ask a Question" form is easy to find (in the upper left-hand corner of every page), as is his site search (upper right-hand corner.) Many of his tutorials include video.

Mac Most5 stars

"Get the most from your Mac, iPhone, iPod and Apple TV" with Gary Rosenzweig's huge library of how-to videos, podcasts, and articles. Gary is a computer book author, computer game programmer, and producer and host of the MacMost video series. With more than 550 video episodes on topics such as security, connectivity, backing up and GarageBand, you are very likely to find the Mac answers you need. In addition to using the site search to find your answer, be sure to check out the MacMost forum where you can ask your own question, or help other visitors by answering their questions.

Word Tips5 stars

Computer book author Allen Wyatt runs a network of helpful sites focusing on Microsoft Word and Excel. Since the format of this review only allows me to display one URL, I chose the Word Tips site for versions 2007 and later (also known as Ribbon Interface Word.) To access the other sites, mouse over the Tips.Net tab in the horizontal menu near the top of the site.

Computer Questions and Answers Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

Ask Bob Rankin

The Internet Patrol

Mac Help for Mom

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