Earth Day

Barbara J. Feldman

Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated annually on April 22. Although ideally everyday should be Earth Day, the annual holiday presents the perfect opportunity to learn more about ecology and the environment.
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  • EcoKids5 stars

    EcoKids is Canada's environmental youth education program, and even though site membership is restricted to Canadian youth groups, there's oodles of material for non-members. My favorite section is Play and Learn, with activities, slide shows, quizzes, games and PDF printables in topics such as the environment, science, nature, wildlife and energy. For example, did you know that every year thousands of frogs get squashed crossing roads to reach seasonal habitats? You can help by finding frog habitats that span busy roads and educating local drivers about the issue.

  • Kids Domain: Earth Day4 stars

    "In 1963, former Senator Gaylord Nelson began to worry about our planet. (A senator is a person that the people of the United States have chosen to help make the laws.) Senator Nelson knew that our world was getting dirty and that many of our plants and animals were dying. He wondered why more people weren't trying to solve these problems." In addition to a short history of Earth Day, you'll find Earth Day puzzles, postcards, games, activities, coloring pages, clip art, endangered animals to adopt, and (whew!) more.

  • Kids for Saving the Earth3 stars

    Clinton Hill succumbed to cancer at age eleven, but before he died he channeled his passion for the environment into a kids' club dedicated to saving planet Earth. Now, his mother runs the organization, which provides free online information and low-cost classroom materials through the mail. Best clicks are the activities found in the Action Programs, such as creating an event for International Migratory Bird Day on May 2 or having a used book sale to support Reading for the Earth month. When is Reading for the Earth month? Any month you choose!

  • NASA: Earth Science Enterprise: For Kids Only5 stars

    "Can scientists predict the global impacts of increased levels of pollutants in the atmosphere? Will the planet warm because increased levels of greenhouse gases, produced by the burning of fossil fuels, trap heat and prevent it from being radiated back into space? Will the polar ice caps melt, causing massive coastal flooding? Have humans initiated wholesale climatic change?" NASA studies the earth, not just outer space, and has created this earth science site for kids and their teachers and filled it to the brim with information, lesson plans and games.

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