E.B. White

Barbara J. Feldman

In the world of children’s literature, E.B. White’s claims to fame are the three beloved classics “Stuart Little,” “Charlotte’s Web” and “The Trumpet of the Swan.” He also co-authored my favorite guide to the writer’s craft, “Elements of Style.”

  • Family Education: Charlotte's Web5 stars

    Whether you're reading "Charlotte's Web" with your class or on your own, you'll have fun with this collection of two quizzes, one word search, and two related art activities (including a paper mache piggy bank built around a balloon.) Don't miss the letter from E.B. White, in which he answers questions frequently asked by children, and the text of the entire first chapter. For links to even more "Charlotte's Web" vocabulary and math pages, click on Online Fun, listed under Activities

  • Harper Children's: E.B. White5 stars

    E.B. White wrote books for children and adults, as well as writing essays and drawing sketches for The New Yorker magazine. "Funnily enough for such a famous writer, he always said that he found writing difficult and bad for one's disposition, but he kept at it!" Exactly how did E.B. White come up with the ideas for "Stuart Little" and "Charlotte's Web"? Scroll down to Stories Behind the Books.

  • The New York Times: Life & Times of E.B. White5 stars

    "All that I ever hope to say in books is that I love the world. I guess you can find that in there, if you dig around. Animals are part of my world and I try to report them faithfully and with respect." Readers of all ages will enjoy the five-minute audio clips of readings from "Charlotte's Web," "The Trumpet of the Swan" and "Stuart Little," while teens and adults will enjoy the collection of New York Times' articles by and about E.B. White.

  • Pocantico Hills School: Charlotte's Web4 stars

    Each year, Mrs. Taverna's second-grade class reads "Charlotte's Web," and each year (since 1998) the students then add a little something to their Pocantico Hills School "Charlotte's Web" site. Highlights include the ABCs of "Charlotte's Web" (A is for Avery, B is for Barn), Chapter Summaries, The Mystery Quotes Quiz, Charlotte's Web Trivia Crossword Puzzles, and a big section on Spiders.

  • Stuart Little 25 stars

    The official movie site for Stuart Little 2 gives you a choice of two entrances: Enhanced or Standard. While I usually choose Enhanced because of the speed of my Internet connection, I found the Standard interface less confusing and a more direct path to the fun stuff I wanted. And which stuff was that? Games (for seven games that you can play online or download to your PC or Mac) and Cool Stuff (for e-cards and computer wallpaper.)

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    The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

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