Funny Poets

Funny Poets

Forget everything you learned about dead poets in high school. These funny poets have a way with words that will charm the giggles out of you, and maybe even inspire you (and your kids) to write some funny poems of your own.

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Fizzy Funny Fuzzy5 stars

You'll laugh out loud reading these silly poems composed especially for kids by poet Gareth Lancaster. Topics include things like being late for school, having an especially naughty family member, and being forced to eat your vegetables - in short, topics kids will identify with and laugh at. They won't even realize they're learning new vocabulary and picking up on new synonyms. Check the list of topical poems on the left sidebar to find poems especially suited for holidays, about animals, or even about peculiar people.

Giggle Poetry5 stars

Reading silly poems is great, but writing your own is even better. Bruce Lansky and the other poets at Giggle Poetry provide online instruction on how to write poetry especially designed to get kids interested in and learning about different forms of poems. The fill-in-the-blank poetry section also lets kids practice rhyming ? and take in a positive message at the same time. One of the poems with blanks, for example, helps teach kids how harmful smoking can be.

Poetry 4 Kids5 stars

With a huge collection of funny poems, poetry lessons, a rhyming dictionary and a podcast of audio poems that you can subscribe to via iTunes, there is lots to read and do here at Kenn Nesbitt's web home. Add to the mix some poetry games and contests, you have a recipe for fun! To find the poetry lessons, look in the left-hand menu under Poetry Fun. The simple explanations cover different forms of poetry, including acrostic poems, cinquain poems, clerihews, diamante poems, exaggeration poems, haikus, limericks, funny list poems, fractured nursery rhymes, and silly song parodies.

Robert Pottle5 stars

"Oh teacher, I fear that I misunderstood / whether I should use well, or if I should use good. / If roses had noses then how would they smell? Would they smell good or would they smell well?" Use the links along the top of the page to explore Robert Pottle's funny poetry. His poems are listed by subject - topics like school poems and holiday-themed poems abound. Pottle grants a wide range of rights for students and teachers to use his poems in the classroom. For other uses, be sure to read his permissions page.

Shane D. Williams5 stars

Most of Shane D. Williams' poems are short and sweet, but sure to get big laughs. "My dress doesn't fit. / It looks really bad! / Perhaps I should wear it? / Instead of my dad." Williams invites comments on his poems, and posts new ones pretty regularly. On his links page, you'll be introduced to the websites of nine more funny poets.

Funny Poets Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales

Ted Scheu: That Poetry Guy

William Shakespeery: Poetry 4 Children

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