How To Cook

How To Cook

One of the keys to healthy eating is cooking at home. With cooking skills, we are less dependent on processed foods, and able to include more fresh ingredients in our diet. Today’s lessons should appeal to both experienced cooks bringing their kids into the kitchen, as well as more timid cooks who want to learn alongside their kids.

How To Cook Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00

Better Homes and Gardens: Cooking Basics4 stars

With their long publishing history, it's not surprising that Better Homes and Gardens has a huge archive of cooking tips. This page provides a table of contents to dozens of beginner features, organized into categories such as Cutting Tips, Adjusting Cooking Times, Herbs & More, and Measuring Ingredients. They also have a Cooking with Kids section, with tips and lessons on Reading Recipes and Kitchen Safety. To find it, scroll down the page to the Related Topics section.

Kids Cooking Activities5 stars

The kids cooking lessons (look down the left-hand navigation menu to find them) are organized by ages from toddler to teen. For example, seven- to eleven-year olds are old enough to learn how to read recipes, read labels, use the microwave, help with the shopping list and use kitchen tools such as a potato masher or garlic press. For early readers, be sure to check out the great picture recipes. "A great idea is to print off the recipes and put them in sheet protectors. Place pages in a three ring binder and it can be your kids very own cookbook."

Learning How to Cook5 stars

"Conquer the kitchen and unleash your inner chef" with the tools and tips at Although not specifically for children, their step-by-step lessons will be helpful for either learning to cook or teaching your kids. For photo pictorials, click on Step-by-Step, and choose from categories such as Knife Skills, Fruits and Vegetables or Baking. Explore The 411 for PDFs that explain converting from metric (Decode That Foreign Recipe) or for a cooking terms glossary (What Does That Mean?)

Rouxbe: Online Video Cooking School4 stars

Rouxbe (pronounced "ruby") is a video training site that provides some of their videos for free (just sign up with your email address) and others only for paying members. The site offers "culinary school curriculum in high-definition, close-up video" with topics such as How to Slice Onions, Water Testing a Hot Pan, and Trussing a Poultry. Again, this is not specifically for kids, but the quality and depth of the instruction will certainly appeal to teens (and parents) who want to learn more about cooking.

Spatulatta: Cooking 4 Kids Online5 stars

Belle and Liv are two young teens who started cooking with their dad when they were two. They are now the hosts of Spatulatta, a video cooking site "where kids teach kids to cook." With 350 step-by-step videos, this is a whopper of a site! Visit Basic Skills for instruction on topics such as Weights & Measures, Separating an Egg, and Shredding Cheese. The Recipe Box features a drop down search box where you can find a specific meal (breakfast, lunch, snacks or appetizers), a specific holiday (Father's Day or Halloween), or an ingredient such as broccoli or chocolate.

How To Cook Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

Chef2Chef: Online Cooking Class

Cooking with Kids

Father's World: Dads and Kids Cookin Together

Serious Eats: How-to

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