Independence Day

Barbara J. Feldman

Happy Birthday America! Today’s holiday assortment includes a look at our early American history, with a special focus on the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution, along with a Fourth of July craft and activity page especially for the little ones.

  • Archiving Early America: America's Freedom Documents5 stars

    In July of 1776, bells rang out over Philadelphia signaling the approval of Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress. Two hundred and twenty-five years later you can view the original document on your computer. Also available is the Constitution (original copy and complete text) and the Bill of Rights (complete text only). More fantastic clicks are the six mini-movies on topics that include The Real Face of George Washington and Paul Revere, Messenger of the Revolution. Look for the Video section in the left-hand column.

  • Library of Congress: Declaring Independence5 stars

    In June of 1776, in anticipation of a vote for independence, the Continental Congress appointed a committee to compose a document declaring the colonies' independence from Britain. That committee then delegated the task to Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence in Congressionally-imposed secrecy. This first draft can be viewed online at this Library of Congress exhibit. Also on display are fragments of a "Dunlap Broadside," one of twenty-four surviving copies of the first printing of the Declaration of Independence, done by John Dunlap in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776.

  • DLTK's Fourth of July4 stars

    For our youngest readers, DLTK offers printable coloring pages and craft ideas. The selection of coloring pages is extensive, and includes some goodies that will work for other American holidays as well, such as flags and presidents Washington and Lincoln. One hidden treasure I am often asked for is the black-and-white (ready-to-be-colored) printable U.S. map. The crafts are also excellent, and use easy-to-find materials such as toilet paper rolls and CD-ROMs. Surely you've been wondering what to do with all those CDs you don't need, but can't bring yourself to throw out?

  • Liberty: The Road to Revolution5 stars

    "It's 1763. You're a basically happy, content colonist in North America. British and proud of it. The French and Indian War has just ended. Peace reigns on the continent. What did Great Britain create, in 1765, that put you on The Road to Revolution?" So begins the interactive game that puts you in the middle of the revolutionary action. Other fabulous clicks at this PBS site are Perspectives on Liberty (a clickable view of daily colonial life) and Liberty Today (a photo montage of newly naturalized citizens.)

  • US History: Betsy Ross Homepage4 stars

    Betsy Ross would often tell her children, grandchildren and friends of the fateful day in May, 1776 when a secret committee from the Continental Congress asked her to sew the first flag. Today the historical accuracy of her story is debated point-counterpoint on this web site. Also included is how to cut a five-pointed star with a single scissor snip, flag trivia, flag etiquette, and the opportunity to contribute your own thoughts about the American flag.

  • Honorable Mentions

    The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

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