Despite predictions that libraries would become obsolete in this era of technology, libraries are as vital as ever. Many, in fact, are on the forefront of defining the digital library and preserving our cyber-rights. In 1953, President Eisenhower wrote “The libraries of America are and must ever remain the home of free, inquiring minds. To them, our citizens must be able to turn with clear confidence that there they can freely seek the whole truth.”

Internet Public Library Youth Division5 stars

Although at first glance Internet Public Library might look like just-another-Internet-directory- for-kids, IPL goes beyond the mold with their fabulous original features. Follow your mouse to the bottom of the page for features that include a tour of an auto factory (So you want to make a car . . . ), a journey around the world (Culture Quest) and a Science Fair Project Resource Guide. Teens have a separate IPL division.

Library of Congress5 stars

The Library of Congress is a national treasure both on and off the Web. My two favorite sections are American Memory ("America's story in words, sounds and pictures") which has a terrific Today in History page, and the online exhibitions. Teachers will appreciate the Learning Page with lesson plans and activities such as Historical Detective ("Was Billy the Kid really killed by Pat Garrett at Fort Sumner, New Mexico?") To give you an idea of the diversity of the exhibits, two current features are Sigmund Freud and Pat Oliphant, the Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist.

Library Spot4 stars

What's your favorite spot in the library? Is it the reference desk? The magazine rack? The reading room? You'll find them all at Library Spot, which won me over with its clean well- organized, well-lit design. My favorite clicks are found at the Reference Desk, which is arranged in alphabetic order from Acronyms to Statistics.

Multnomah County Library Kids Page3 stars

Even if you're nowhere near Portland, Oregon, you can still enjoy the Multnomah County Library. Some of the virtual goodies found here include a Library Joke of the Month ("Q. Where does a librarian sleep? A. Between the covers.") and a large listing of online games. Do you have a favorite author? Check out the extensive listing of children's author sites found under All About Books.

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

ALSC Awards

My Library

On-Lion for Kids

Smithsonian Institution Libraries

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