Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827) is one of the greatest composers in history. His work marked a turning point for composers, who had previously written primarily for religious services, to teach, or to entertain at social functions. But Beethoven’s music was listened to for pleasure. His pioneering work gave musicians a new freedom to express themselves.

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Activity Village: Beethoven4 stars

"As a young man Beethoven moved to Vienna, intending to study under Mozart. He did study with and befriend Hadyn, and soon his career as a brilliant pianist, conductor and composer took off. In fact he was the first musician who managed to make a living from his music without being employed by a king or noble and working for the court." Visit Activity Village for a short biography, followed by eight printable activity sheets including coloring pages, a quote poster, story paper, and "Learn to Draw Beethoven."

All About Beethoven4 stars

All About Beethoven includes a bio and a timeline, but my favorite section is Beethoven's Music, where you'll be introduced to Beethoven's major works in ten different genres. "Beethoven is the composer responsible for bringing chamber music to the concert hall. ... They [his chamber music pieces] are also seen as pushing the boundaries of acceptable harmony of that time, and are regarded as some of his most profound works." There is also a section of free classical sheet music (in PDF) that includes works by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and a handful of others.

Classic FM: Ludwig van Beethoven5 stars

"Ill health and increasing deafness caused a drop in productivity at the end of Beethoven's life, but he still managed to produce important works like his 'Late Quartets' in 1825, which were wildly inventive for the time." Classic FM's Beethoven section includes an abbreviated biography, twenty interesting facts, video, album reviews, links to recordings on iTunes, several feature articles and a collection of twenty composer quotes, including this one from Beethoven. "Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets."

Garden of Praise: Ludwig van Beethoven5 stars

Beethoven "knew he could play the piano very well and began to play at parties and to give concerts around Europe. When he needed an orchestra, he used a big orchestra. He would even use some of the instruments in the orchestra to sound like birds in the forest." Specifically for elementary and middle-schools students. Garden of Praise provides a very short Beethoven biography, online activities, printable worksheets, an online quiz, a bibliography of books, and links to additional Beethoven sites.

Ludwig van Beethoven'sWebsite5 stars

Dominique Prévot shares his Beethoven passion with the world with this fan site, published in four languages. The site includes a biography, an illustrated family tree, a portrait gallery, and a Beethoven discussion forum. My favorite clicks were the stamp exhibit (look in Collections) and the coverage of Beethoven's descent into deafness (look for the Health icon on the biography page.) Find the School icon for a five-page guided site tour.

Ludwig van Beethoven Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00

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Beethoven: The Magnificent Master

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Ludwig van Beethoven, Composer

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