Math Puzzles

Barbara J. Feldman

Math puzzles really do offer something for everyone. They can be used to engage kids who think they don’t like math, or provide enrichment to those who already love math. Today’s collection includes interactive and printable puzzles, brainteasers and math games for all aptitude levels.

  • AIMS Puzzle Corner4 stars

    Activities Integrating Math and Science (AIMS) offers over a hundred math puzzles, categorized by type and difficulty. "The puzzles have not been assigned a grade level appropriateness because we have discovered that the ability to do a puzzle varies by individual not grade level." Puzzle categories include Arrangement, Dissection, Divergent Thinking, Number, Logic, Toothpick, and Visual . To reveal the solution, click on the arrow below the puzzle.

  • Cut the Knot: Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles5 stars

    Dr. Alexander Bogomolny, a former associate math professor at the University of Iowa, describes the reason for his collection of interactive math puzzles: "Without going into research and speculations as to what causes math anxiety I hope to create a resource that would help learn, if not math itself, then, at least, ways to appreciate its beauty." For middle-school and high- school students, there are algebra, geometry, and probability puzzles, along with dozens of other categories such as Visual Illusions and Analog Gadgets.

  • Dr. Mike' Math Games5 stars

    Dr. Mike's games are nicely organized by grade level (K through 7), category (Magic Squares, Times Tables, Fractions) and type (Printable, Online and Calculator.) The online games include arcade-style shoot 'em ups, quizzes, flashcards, and a Weekly Math Puzzle gadget you can add to your Google homepage. Be sure to visit the Popular page, which lists those games and puzzles that have been most popular this week and this year.

  • Erich' Puzzle Palace5 stars

    Erich Friedman is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. His site covers a potpourri of his interests such as Math Magic, Ambigrams and a world of map of places Friedman has received email from! This page is devoted to puzzles, and it's my pick of the day because of the quantity and quality of the puzzles. There are a few word puzzles in the mix (I loved the anagram puzzles!) but most involve logic, number sense, geometry, and chess.

  • Nick' Mathematical Puzzles4 stars

    "A rectangular sheet of paper is folded so that two diagonally opposite corners come together. If the crease formed is the same length as the longer side of the sheet, what is the ratio of the longer side of the sheet to the shorter side?" Although Nick Hobson doesn't appear to be adding any new puzzles, his collection is quite big with 160 math puzzles. Each one links to both a hint and the answer. Many of the puzzles also provide the solution, which is what your teacher wants want when she says "Show your work."

  • Honorable Mentions

    The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

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