Pictures of Cats

Pictures of Cats

Sharing. Voting. Tagging. Meowing. It’s Web 2.0 for cat fanciers. Today’s feline photo sites want your participation and your favorite cat pictures and videos.

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Cat of the Day4 stars

"We know your pet is special, now you can let the whole world know, too." Each day, Cat of the Day selects a cat to be honored on their home page. In addition to a front page photo or video, a discussion thread about each honoree is started in the lively Pet of the Day forum. Other reasons to visit include the daily Pet Poll, the Previous Cats gallery, and, of course, the Nominate Your Pet submission guidelines.

Flickr: Cat5 stars

Flickr is an online photo sharing site, categorized with tags and clusters. This collection is photos tagged "cat" and sorted by "interestingness." To explore more feline photos, follow the cat clusters link to find related tags such as whiskers, nose, fur, kitty, kitten, pet and so on. Registration is free, or login with your Yahoo! account. Members can upload their own photos, post comments, and add on-photo notes that display on mouseover.

Infinite Cat Project4 stars

This one takes a bit of explaining. It all started with a digital photo of a cat and a rose. Then came a picture of a cat looking at the first photo on a computer monitor. Then another picture of a different cat looking at the second picture on a computer screen, and so on, in infinite recursion. Join the fun by submitting a snapshot of your cat looking at the most recent picture on your computer. Learn how by reading "Da Rules."

Kittenwar5 stars

"May the cutest kitten win!" Psycho vs. Misty. Edgar vs. Biffy. Vote for the cutest kitten by clicking on it, you'll see how others voted, and be presented with another battle . You can also peruse the "winningest" kittens, the newest kittens, or the hairless cats that dominate the "losingest" kittens. I submitted a snapshot of our kitten Snookums, but haven't yet heard if she has made the cut. Once your kitten pix has been accepted, you can find your win/loss stats by searching for your kitty by name from the home page search box.

Picato4 stars

"Our primary goal is to run a site where cat lovers can share pictures of their beloved felines." Browse the Picato photo gallery by date, tag or cat profile (where you'll meet the cats with the largest portfolios.) As a service to cats needing adoption, all photos tagged "homeless" will display in the Homeless section. In the adoptable cat's profile, be sure to add contact details, including where the cat is located.

Pictures of Cats Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!

C My Cat

Cute Cats

Photobucket: Cats

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