Presidents’ Day Activities

Presidents’ Day Activities

Although the federal government calls the holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February, Washington’s Birthday, most people (and many states) call it Presidents’ Day. Presidents’ Day become popularized in the mid-1980s as a holiday honoring both Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Over the years it has evolved into a day commemorating all U.S. Presidents.

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Apples 4 Teacher: President's Day Activities5 stars

Apples4Teacher is the mother lode of Presidents' Day activities for elementary age kids. The activities include interactive coloring pages, stories, biographies, word searches, reading lists, articles about all the presidents, and presidential poems. Here's the opening of one by Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr, to help you memorize the order of the first twenty-eight presidents. "George Washington, Adams and Jefferson three / First rulers of Uncle Sam's land of the free / Then Madison, Monroe and Adams again / All clever and upright and good honest men."

Enchanted Learning: Activities for Presidents' Day5 stars

For Presidents' Day and Washington and Lincoln's birthdays, Enchanted Learning offers fifteen crafts for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary ages. All can be made with common craft supplies, such as paper, scissors, glue, string, pencils and Popsicle sticks. Projects that caught my eye include a Lincoln stovepipe hat made from a toilet paper tube, and the Tree of Presidents, where each U.S. president is represented by a leaf. Some of the printable worksheets require a paid membership, but there are plenty of craft projects that are free.

Family Education: Presidents' Day Activities and Printables for Kids5 stars

Family Education has done a smashing job with their Presidents' Day resources for elementary and middle-school students. First recommended stop is Positively Presidential, a six-question interactive trivia quiz about the everyday lives of Washington and Lincoln. Next comes printable games and activities, which include crafts (Egg Carton Uncle Sam), coloring pages, and simple writing exercises ( "I Cannot Tell a Lie" Cherry Pie). Some of the activities require free registration.

Kaboose: Presidents' Day Crafts5 stars

Kaboose organizes their Presidents' Day resources into four tabs: Crafts, Activities/Games, Printables, and All About the Presidents. Crafts include a two-foot-long crepe paper flag, a pretzel stick Abe Lincoln log cabin, and a White House made from craft sticks. Games include quizzes about the American Flag and George Washington, as well as links to off-site resources. Coloring pages and word search puzzles are listed under Printables; articles on topics as varied as presidential kids, health and foods are in the last category, All About the Presidents.

Guildford County Schools: Presidents' Day Webquest4 stars

"In this webquest you will find many interesting facts about these presidents, as you travel back in time to explore our national history." As a time traveler, you'll explore the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to gather data about Presidents Washington and Lincoln on a Presidential Scavenger Hunt Sheet. Then, you'll return to present day to write up your findings. Created by Jacqueline Bailey, a third-grade teacher at Summerfield Elementary School in North Carolina, this webquest has everything you need to complete the project, including lists of appropriate websites and printable forms for data collection.

Presidents’ Day Activities Resource Handout for Classroom or Homeschool: Just $2.00

Honorable Mentions

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A to Z Teacher Stuff: Presidents' Day

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