Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Diana, Princess of Wales (July 1, 1961 – August 31, 1997) was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. Their two sons, Princes William and Harry, are second and third in line to the British throne. During her years in the public eye, she captured the hearts of millions because of her inimitable style and untiring devotion to many international causes, including AIDS, land mines, and breast cancer.

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BBC News: Special Report: Diana Remembered4 stars

This special section of the BBC website is an archive from1997 that is no longer updated. Visit for coverage of Diana's funeral, to read her life story, to learn about her charities, and to peruse hundreds of messages from mourners. Click on The People's Princess (in the right-hand column) for a photo slide show that shows her transition from young woman to sophisticated princess. Unfortunately the audio and video files (displayed on the home page) are no longer available.

BrainyQuote: Princess Diana4 stars

"They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody?" "Being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be." I collect quotes, so I am partial to quotation collections such as this one from BrainyQuote. This Princess Diana page includes more than sixty quotes, a short biography, and links to quotes from other members of the British Monarchy.

Diana Celebration5 stars

This online exhibit is produced in collaboration with the Althorp Estate, the ancestral home of Princess Diana's family. " Althorp House has been in the Spencer family for over five hundred years. There has been a house at Althorp since, at the latest, the beginning of the sixteenth century." Best clicks are the Gallery slide show (in the horizontal menu at the top of the page) and the Diana biography, which is divided into sections (from Childhood to Her Work) and can be found in the left-hand vertical menu.

English Monarchs: Diana, Princess of Wales4 stars

"Christened Diana Frances, the new arrival was the third daughter of Edward John Spencer, Viscount Althrop and Frances Ruth Burke-Roche, the daughter of Maurice, Baron Fermoy and the Scottish Ruth Sylvia Gill." From the extensive English Monarchs site, the Princess Diana page has a biography, a family history, and lots of links to pages about related royals.

The Work Continues: Princess Diana Charity Work5 stars

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund was established after Diana's death to continue her international humanitarian work. Highlights of the site are the biography and accompanying timeline that focus on Diana's charity work, the sections devoted to the work done by the Fund, and the Frequently Asked Questions page. "Q: How do you decide which charities to support? A: The Fund continues in the spirit of the Princess's humanitarian work by focusing on disadvantaged and marginalised people, providing them with support, a voice and an opportunity to realise their full potential."

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BBC: h2g2: Diana, Princess of Wales Ancestry of Princess Diana

Princess Diana

British Monarchy: Diana, Princess of Wales

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