Printable Flashcards

Printable Flashcards

Flashcards are a standard study tool, and are implemented on many sites as an interactive tool, but today’s focus is just on sites where you can print flashcards for old-fashioned offline use. This week’s collection includes a variety of sites that focus on a single topic (such as math or English), several flashcard creation tools, and a few community sites where you can use flashcards shared by members.

Aplus Math Flashcard Creator5 stars

In addition to oodles of interactive math flashcards, Aplus Math hosts two flashcard creators for designing and printing custom cards. The first, Flashcard Creator, prints a set of twelve cards (four cards per page) for any operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and any set of operands (one through twelve). The second tool, called Custom Flashcards, lets you design math flashcards individually by inputting each problem (two operands and an operator). Each tool also lets you choose between four print sizes, from small to extra large.

ESL Flashcards5 stars

There are thousands of printable color flashcards in PDF format for learning English (or any other language) here at ESL Flashcards. The cards come in a variety of sizes, but they all have an image on one side, and are blank on the flip side. Topics include adjectives, alphabet, body parts, clothes, colors, emotions, occupations, sports and more. The large size is perfect for showing an entire class, and the smaller sizes can be used for games such as Go Fish.

Flashcard DB5 stars

FlashcardDB is my pick of the week because of the many ways it can be used. You can create your own flashcards, or use an existing set created by a community member. Online study can be paced by either the Leitner or Graded Spaced Repetition systems, which are two different algorithms for studying harder items (those with incorrect answers) more often than easy items (those you've answered correctly.) In addition to the print function, Flashcard DB also offers a multiple-choice interactive quiz for all the flashcard sets.

KitzKikz: Flashcard Maker5 stars

"Make your own flash cards and study aids. Print, Cut, Fold, and Study." KitzKikz does a fantastic job creating simple printable (PDF) flashcards from your own list. You can either type the front and back words into the form on the home page, or cut and paste from another document using the Import function. If your imported list uses a comma to separate the front and back phrases, use the Search/Replace button to replace all the commas with tabs. It's so easy!

ProProfs Flashcards4 stars

ProProfs is another community site, where you can create your own deck of flashcards, or use a deck created by someone else. Flashcards can include images and color (woo hoo!), but before you begin you will need to create a free account. Flashcards can be studied online, downloaded as a text file, or printed in your choice of text size (small, medium or large.) When browsing existing subjects, try using the "Most Liked" tab to view the listings, instead of the default "Most Recent."

Honorable Mentions

The following links are either new discoveries or sites that didn't make it into my newspaper column because of space constraints. Enjoy!


MESEnglish: Free Flashcards


Printable Flash Cards

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